We will win at least 7

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  1. 2 aready KU, KSU, ISU, WVU and UT.  That's 7.  Not great but Steel will take it this year.  Tack on a win between OU, OSU and BU and 8 would be dang good.
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  2. and Fields was going to play against LSU.
  3. 95 was on the field
  4. I wouldn't try to predict anything about the remainder of this season.
    Just gonna keep wearing purple and watch it all unfold.
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  5. Hey - others may bash you...imagine that, but your estimate looks as a definite possible to me.
    That's worth nothing, of course. :smile:
  6. Ya.  As I posted earlier.  7 is definitely possible.  But that basically means we don't slip up again the rest of the year.  If we beat OU, then 7 is very, very likely.  Right now, I would expect we win 6.  That means we beat ISU, Kan, and KSU + one other one.  Anything we win above 6 is a real positive thing for 2014, IMO.
    Still, when I look back at my preseason expectations, that is atrocious.
  7. We need at least one win against UT, Baylor, OSU, or OU to make a bowl. I feel like we slip up against a bad team at some point based on what I have seen.
  8. You're wrong 99 percent of the time
  9. We are on an upward trajectory...
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  10. If the frogs actually decide to play 4 quarters of football in the remaining games, 7-5 or 8-4 is still possible.
    If the frogs decide to take the first half off in the rest of their games, 5-7 or 4-8 is still possible.
  11. I don't feel confident predicting a victory or defeat in any game for the rest of the season, I think every single game could go either way.  Before Saturday, I would've said that Okie St was the one team we didn't really have a chance against, but we saw what happened to them.
    We definitely should beat Kansas and WVU and Iowa St, but I've learned not to count on anything.
    I also think we probably win a game or two that we're 7+ point underdogs in.
  12. Steel also likes breakfast foods.  And steak.  And beer.  And bratwir=urst
  13. Let's start Saturday.  I think we can run on OU, and if we can keep our turnovers down...it just might work!
  14. I think 7 wins is a best case scenario this year.  Next year will be our year to contend.
    This is very UTesque. :tongue:
  16. Everyone keeps saying that.  But who's is going to be our QB next year?  
    Do we think Boykin year 3 is it?  
    They haven't shown any faith in Matthews which means he must not have it.  2 good ones coming in next year, but will they be ready as true freshman?
    I think we may still be a few years away from "contending".
    Sorry, no.
  18. I don't agree with the bolded part. Apparently he was about to go in. I think the coaches are trying to salvage the experience Boykin attained and not just "yank" him prematurely. Even still, they almost yanked him against Smoo.

    I think the reason Mathews hasn't played has far more to do with Boykin than Mathews at this point. Let's see what happens this season and over the offseason before we write off Mathews! Geeze! (and some people say we're writing off Boykin too soon.)
  19. Are you a troll?

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