Vote on my Pole--Ban Ruxin!

Discussion in 'The Whine Cellar Forum' started by steelfrog, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Mods, some latitude here:
    He is a Baywhore homer who talked on here about one of the other poster's wives doing sexual acts etc etc
    That's ok!?  Are you freaking kidding Steel?
    Also, he himself has expressed a degree of affection for Anderson that suggests he is (a) a homo and (b) wants to do stuff to Anderson.  This is offensive and wrong.
    Ban this person so we can all get on with our lives.
    That is all.
    Vote HERE:  Yes or No
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  2. Can't see your pole (TWSS) because you are blocked
  3. You playing with it again?
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  4. Steel, your pole is one of the smallest I've ever seen.
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  5. Approval ratings are very important to him.
  6. Why are you guys attacking Steel?  Turning on your master?
    The bad guy is Ruxin, not Steel  Steel is a  good guy.
    Coem on guys be team players...
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    you forgot to like your own post
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  8. Steel- I don't think anyone wants to vote on your pole. There may be some posters that would discuss the merits or lack thereof of Ruxin...but nobody is going near your pole.

    PS You forgot to like your own post.
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  9. If you get to stay I don't see why he can't 
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  10. I got him covered.
  11. How gracious of you FatPurple 87.  Thank you Sir.
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  12. I thought we couldn't see steels pole because it was actually just a small rod dog.
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  14. Feisty these other jokers attacking Steel is expected, but Steel's feelings are hurt when someone like you attacks.  C'mon Son!  Don't bow to their juvenile antics.  We need a few mature acting people on here for Pete's sake!
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  15. Ruxin is a huge doucher
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  16. Ban your alter ego?
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  17. No need to vote Ruxin off the board... he'll take care of that himself.  Unless it's dogrod who is quite cunning about taking it right to the limit.... then backing off.
    Cheers !
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  18. Steel's pole is getting very little attention.  If he were a more upstanding member, his pole might get more response.
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  19. Need Cialis...
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