Ultrasounds Already Part of VA Planned Parenthood Abortion Procedure

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  1. Would you be against the government focing doctors to use standard medical practice?

    Full disclosure: I think am comming down on the side that I trust doctors more than government to make appropriate descisions when it comes down to this procedure, however that is not to say that I want to get in the way of a particular jurisdiction from passing whatever laws that they believe is right for their community.
  2. Depends on whether the woman consents, no?
  3. Hopefully not the ones left over from your wild days. Those things have expiration dates, you know.
  4. Is that written or oral consent?
  5. The argument is that vaginal ultrasounds are not always a medically necessary procedure and that unless they are, women shouldn't be forced to have them. It'd be like the DMV requiring a prostate exam before granting you a drivers license.
  6. No that is required before I do my taxes...
  7. And if it is a medically necessary procedure, shouldn't that be determined by a health board of some sort and not a bunch of legislators?
  8. Good point. Please see my disclosure above.
  9. That would certainly be a pain in the arse.....

    I was going to go with a female driver joke, but apparently the medical community decided 10 years ago that women have a prostate, too.
  10. Since I had two kids without ever having a transvaginal ultrasound I strongly disagree that this constitutes standard practice. Putting the government between a patient and doctor making decisions is a dangerous business. I really don't get you conservatives calling for all this government regulation. The government that can shove a stick up my wahoo can also mandate abortion as a means of societal control. I work hard to teach my children that their bodies are their own sacred territory that no one else has a right to invade or disrespect.
  11. It is not standard practice for carrying a baby to term, but is it standard practice before peforming an early term abortion procedure? I kind of think that if you want an abortion you kind of have to do whatever the doctor beleives is the best course in order to provide a safe and successful procedure. If a surgical abortion is the correct course, you kind of have no choice in the matter unless you want to comprimise your safety, although I am not sure a doctor would assist in that matter.

  12. Good idea. I think I'll get some custom made condoms with my face on the package. Maybe a full body shot of me wearing my full tucked jersey.

    I honestly think I could turn our birth rate into Japan's if the nation had more pcf linkage with sex.
  13. You nearly made me spit my beverage with that one ...
  14. Your best post ever.
  15. I have no problem with a doctor saying "I won't perform an abortion without this first" if said doctor has a MEDICAL reason for doing so. I have infinite problems with politicians making such a declaration for the doctors. The medical community has their own procedures for determining standard medical practices and holding doctors to these ever-evolving standards.
  16. Does not the legislation only provide that the doctor document whatever standard medical practice that was followed?

  17. I don't think I'm revealing too much to confess that I have not had an abortion. So I don't know whether it is SOP or not. If it is, I think you're right. The implication I've heard, however, is that legislators are forcing the ultrasound as an additional unnecessary step to try and convince women not to have abortions. If that implication is wrong and the "transvag," as I believe someone called it, is considered a necessary step to complete the procedure, then it's no more rape than any other invasive procedure. By consenting to the abortion, you'd be consenting to whatever medically necessary procedures are involved.
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