Ultrasounds Already Part of VA Planned Parenthood Abortion Procedure

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  1. You seem to be implying that a vaginal ultrasound is a more unpleasant procedure than the 'standard' sonogram. In fact, it is not. The standard (transabdominal) sono requires an uncomfortably full bladder in order to be done correctly. Not so with the vaginal sono. Most (not all) women prefer the vaginal sono simply because of that.
  2. My wildly uninformed opinion is that a very small number of abortions are performed where the biological father opposes the abortion.
  3. Dang, 79! How did you know about that? That technology is pretty much right up my alley?
  4. The perinatologist I just checked with said women (at least his patients) prefer abdominal ultrasounds.
  5. Could be. Of course, I have employees that do about 40 of those a day and they seem to think the opposite. Oh, well, perception is in the eye of the feelie. :wink:
  6. Strangely, you own a truck driving school...

    I know, I know, it is just a joke.

    The expert I contacted says the vaginal has more false positives. Thank you answers.com.

    My wife was considered high risk and see had the ultrasounds monthly. It was abdominal and no big deal. I can't imagine why a woman would prefer the other.
  7. A less than well endowed hubby?
  8. Perinatalogists don't do gynecologic ultrasound. Many have probably never even seen one done. So what does your accountant say?
  9. No kidding? Then you know it's true, despite what the libs here (likely none of whom have ever had a vaginal sono) say. Having a full bladder before and during the transabdominal exam is torture for most women.
  10. Personally, I'm in favor of the women deciding about their own procedures rather than you or the govt doing it for them. But that's just me, I guess.
  11. The perinatologist I spoke with does plenty of ultrasounds. No reason to be snarky and rude.
  12. How many vaginal sono's have you had?
  13. I was never given a vaginal sonogram with either pregnancy. Later in life I had two when I was having issues with ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I definitely did not prefer it that way.

    Here's my deal. Since I am against abortion I am very bothered by the Chinese government having the power to force their people to have abortions after one child. I fear that if our government could forbid them they could also in theory mandate them. It's the same set of individual rights.
  14. Moved the goalposts again ... the point was that the burden of pregnancy is entirely on the woman. It has always been that way, so I doubt that fact, which every father who is honest with himself knows, is responsible for the increase in absentee fathers and unwed mothers. Think the problem is a bit more complicated.

    Given the hypothetical, which is difficult given that in reality she's the more pro-life of the two of us, I'll try to role play and say that it would have very likely ended the marriage. It would have hurt me deeply and pissed me off, no doubt. Same if I found she was having an affair with another man. In neither case do I think her decision should be criminalized. Means we shouldn't have gotten married, and perhaps even that she is a sorry and amoral person. Doesn't mean she should be put in jail.
  15. To be fair to your wife here, given the hypothetical, it appears that you were the one having the affair. With an older woman no less.
  16. This is what you get for making all those jokes about my friend's lost wedding ring ...
  17. Trust me on this...they were all gallows humor. Gallows I was once strung up on.

    It's 11:39 and I am finally, at long last, caught up with grading this semester. Thank god for a three day break where I could concentrate on it.
  18. I'm always the last to know...
  19. The reality is that you should do both. Transab first and then follow with a transv. Anyone who does JUST a transv is asking for it.
  20. Why do either? If you're a religious person, you should save the money and just let the baby come as God made him, right?

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