Ultrasounds Already Part of VA Planned Parenthood Abortion Procedure

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  1. Can't the government decide not to give money to Catholic hospitals?
  2. There is no federal or state law that requires private employers to offer health insurance to employees. So how can government dictate what must be offered in an employer provided plan?
  3. Please pardon me for interrupting with something unusually stupid, even for me, but I would vote for Chris Christie if he would act like Henry VIII and really stick it to the bishops.
  4. By the looks of it, I think Chris Christie ate King Henry...
  5. That makes me think of Oh Henry candy bars. I wonder if they still make them? I was watching TV last night and Alec Baldwin says they no longer make Callard and Bowser butterscotchs. My uncle used to buy those for me and it made me sad that they no longer make them and he's no longer with us.

    It is weird how some things can really trigger emotions and a sense of loss.

    Anyway, I wish Chris Christie was jollier, but he's not.

    Again, apologies.
  6. Rape is one event on a spectrum of coercion and force that occurs daily for women across this country and world. To assume that a woman willingly chose vaginal penetration because you see that she's pregnant doesn't square with reality.
  7. True, albeit a small majority of rapes result in an abortion mostly because a D&C is done immediately after...assuming of course that it is reported...and yes I understand there are those that are not.

    Here is another tangential point I have always wondered about: A woman is pregnant and wants an abortion. It is her body and the father, according to the law and the women's movement has NO, and I mean, NO say so whether or not the abortion occurs. None. Move that baby 18 inches through the birth canal and all of a sudden "hey, the baby is half mine and half the father's and by God he needs to pay up!" Something seem a bit amiss there?
  8. Hell, not even force. A doc I know has seen several virgin births--i.e., births with an intact hymen in his career. Vaginal penetration simply is not a necessary condition. Semen in the area is a necessary condition. Almost any woman knows this. Men on the other hand...well apparently not.
  9. What does this have to do with Naval bases?
  10. A lot.
  11. You're a dad. How much burden did you have during your wife's pregnancies? You squirt a little baby juice at time zero, and everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING else, is momma. The onus, the pain, the life change, the incapacitation ... all her. All the dad is good for for those 9 months is the occasional foot rub and moral support. We're worthless. From my perspective, few experiences in life are more humbling than being a father during pregnancy.

    I've really got no problem with the man being legally obligated to financially support his child. And while I'd certainly expect the woman to consult with me before making a decision, and I might be really unhappy with her decision, I'm okay with it being her legal decision.
  12. Although I wish the choice didn't exist, it does, so I agree with you. And it may not be fair, but the burden of pregnancy isn't shared fairly either. Take it up with The Creator
  13. Or her...
  14. Did you ever think that might add to why so many dad's are missing in a kids life these days, sentencing them to almost a certain life of poverty, crime, incarceration, and broken homes? Society has told young men EXACTLY what you just said, that all you are good for is to squirt a little baby juice...then step back and let the woman run the show.
    Just for arguement's sake:
    Let's suppose Mrs. Newf informed you, early in your marriage, and after she found out she was pregnant, that she wanted to abort Little Newf because "I don't want to be pregnant during the hot summer", or "this is going to get in the way of our planned vacation this summer". Would you really have said "sure honey, whatever you want"?
  15. Well dang, Uni, I think that position actually makes my point rather than Newf's. Good to-the-point comment, though.
  16. Did Duq knock up Newf's wife?
  17. As I'd be legally responsible for the baby under common law, I would be more than a little miffed that Duq was messing round with my wife and getting her pregnant.

    I guess I'd say, sure honey, but I want a quick divorce finalized before the birth so I am not legally liable. Let's head to Reno right now.
  18. Whoops, good catch Frisky. Sorry about that Duq. Newf and I were bantering about on another thread and I forgot to whom I was responding.
  19. Yea, you gotta watch that Duq. :wink:

    You did mean, before the abortion, though. I guess the point is, if the father wants the baby to raise as his own, why should the mother have full say so before the birth as to what happens? My belief is that it should be shared...and I do think society has brought many of it's ills on itself by taking the father out of the equation. We are getting what we asked for and it is a sad thing.

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