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  1. First of all, I counted only 3 times for "grow up" in the 24 minutes shown by FSSW (missed some of his opening comments). GP was in top form today, talking pretty fast so I could have missed some.

    He and players are "ready to go"!
    He needs to do a better job with KH...first time for Hill to be around that kind of coaching.
    The offense needs to be better designed around the strengths of KH or any of the QBs
    Defense was not up to our standards, despite good statistical ranking.
    He is the guy who people don't like to see coming to a committee meeting. Asks questions others don't.
    The B12 has had teams who should have been in playoffs two of the three years. Did not like iOSU in there despite not playing in a championship game.
    Need more success on vertical passing.
    About Turpin: Tough for Freshmen who have great success to keep their minds straight. Turpin is good for now.
    Howard up to 215-217 now. Appendix removal hurt him, played at 195 last year.
    In 2005 season following the 2004 disaster. Zarnell Fitch asked Kelsey "Do you really love Coach P?", due to the tough off-season.
    He does more coaching of Parents than he does players.
    Teenagers don't tell him how to run his house or his program.
  2. Good summary. Is the video up yet on the conference website? Watch that, plus using your outline, and folks get the good points.

    Gary made great points about the need to do what's right for the student athlete and all of college football, not just the big 5.

    His point about TH having the surgery and then playing reminded me of how on a whole different level these "kids" are.
  3. What does the bolded mean?

    And the second one kind of makes me cringe.... I wonder how well serious business Gary collects and delivers his thoughts
  4. guess: High pressure, demanding coaching. Its easier to understand in context. Think Gary wants to rebuild Kenny's confidence and playmaker mindset. Think Kenny got a little too meek in reaction to Gary's style.
  5. GP went to college on an academic scholarship. He has a reputation for being meticulous. He has finished the details of all the preseason practices weeks ago. He has let a program to winning seasons 13 of 16 years, with several finishes in the top 10. So yeah, despite his somewhat rambling press conferences (but still clear, if he wants to be), I think he would have no problem delivering clear well thought-out questions.
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  6. He said he was tough on him early and he hadn't been through that coaching style. A transcript would be great, if the B12 would do it.
  7. So aggy coaching sucks? Got it.
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  8. FIFY
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  9. Thanks Limp, good report.
  10. The second one had to do with the coaching/ncaa like committees he is on. Basically, he was talking about his willingness to ask the tough questions that others are afraid to ask. It was good to hear. He actually gets a lot of praise for the work he does on those committees. A lot of for the good of the student and game stuff going on. The good stuff that they do in the off season that ESPN never reports on.
  11. He also mentioned part of that was helping KH find his swagger.
    I know I have already posted this view elsewhere, but I think Kenny will have made major improvement now that he has a full season under his belt. Remember, he did not play for a year and a half before last year. And he has been a model citizen since arriving at TCU.
    His abilityto go through the route trees, etc. It's all gonna add up this year.
  12. This
  13. He said he's ready to see Turpin back in the purple and... black.

  14. Your avatar is purple, white and... black.
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