The Varsity Ft Worth Is Ready For Your TCU 2014 Spring Needs!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. I just went over to check out the store and came away impressed. Beau and Andrew have some great looking merchandise and at fair prices. Bought myself a purple Game Guard fishing shirt and will probably get a white one too.

    For those of you who have wanted high quality, better looking TCU gear, your prayers have been answered.

    Lets support these TCU grads in their new venture and help keep them around for years.
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  2. When is the online store supposed to be open?
  3. When you say high quality, does that mean everything is more than $40?
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  4. Wes, what sizes do they have in the GameGuard shirts?
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  5. And, Wes, can you check to see if they have those cute baby T's?
  6. Also the sparkly dress for maniac. He wants to "take a picture for a friend in California"
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  7. hatas gonna hate...


    maniac-envy [mey-nee-ak] - [en-vee]
    Those that bring up tcumaniac in their posts for no reason other than jealousy.
  8. damn. You got me. Time to enroll in "MA" Maniacs Anonymous, which is different that your "MA" Masturbators Anonymous. [​IMG]
  9. Do they sell those purple TCU "boy-shorts" aka panties? Seriously, though, do they? I need to buy a pair as a gift...

  10. Really? A gift? Hmmm...what size does RG3 take, anyway?

    Just curious, y'understand...
  11. You've never purchased something that you like and forced a woman to use/wear it? Shame on you. You have a lot of living to do.

  12. I saw some 3x's in there
  13. Thanks Wes.

  14. Not everything is over $40.00. Lets just say that its not the usual book store merchandise and the brands are recognized as being quality.
  15. I'm sure this has been posted, but what are the hours? Might try and run by after work today.

  16. My influence with women is internationally acclaimed for its nonexistence. I could "force" a woman to do nothing, believe me.

    And at my age, no, I have not much living left to do at all.
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  17. I don't know. Give them a call but I would think they are open until 5:00 or 6:00
  18. Believe they said six in the other thread, but if someone is in there while you roll at at 6:30, they will accommodate you.

  19. And where is it? Gimme a hint.
  20. i'm park outside of it waiting for you

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