The sickness that is Barack Obama

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  1. This guy is a sociopath--going after private citizens because they support his political opponent? This is sick and twisted:

    Barack Obama is not the President of the United States--he's President of the Democrats of the United States--and anyone who dares cross him has a big target on his/her back. This is even more despicable than Nixon's "enemies list."
  2. Why did you leave "Derangement Syndrome" off the end of your title?
  3. Derangement Syndrome could equally apply to the authors of that blog, who are financed by the DNC...
  4. This is a VERY accurate depiction of how I view Mr Obama........


    I view Barack as a little boy who is used to getting his way. One way or another even if it means throwing little tantrums. I fully expect him to throw a grand style public FIT at some point in the campaign when things go badly. CANT WAIT as it will fully expose this little Pu, wait, WIMP for what he really is.

    This is a person who has really never been told NO in his life. He has been spoon fed EVERYTHING , engineered to have everything come out a certain way for him. If someone gets in his way..............he screws them over in the dirtiest way possible. Going to be a blast seeing this total POS fail and the absolute FIT/tantrum it brings on...LOL

    This is also why I have never feared this loser. How can I? Who would fear a little boy kicking and screaming on the ground?...LOL The damage he has caused will be undone. In the end he too will end up exactly where he is supposed to be.........on the scrap heap.
  5. True story.............I have a friend who retired up here from Chicago. He was pretty big into the local political scene down there when Barry was coming up. Held a local title, background guy...NOT a politician. Also owned a bar where people with names like Lefty and Guido would hang out if ya know what I mean LOL is exactly what he told me about the CHOSEN ONE when he first announced his intention to run.................." This guy is no joke, great talker, mover and shaker, knows where to find the money, gets ALOT of HELP from behind the scenes.........but this guy is a real POS! Will screw ANYBODY over if they get in his way. ANYONE, at all. Totally focused on himself,......relationships, honor, ect ect,....mean ZERO to him"

    Sound about right?
  6. Pretty standard operating procedure for party operatives on either side, don't you agree? Muckraking about the other guy's donors?

    Not that it makes it moral or ok but not something that is particular to Obama.
  7. No doubt. It was just an observation about that blog, more than anything.
  8. Looks like some far-right, racist, wingnut lunatic Kimberly Strassel posted the same email chain wrote a column about this in yesterday's WSJ.

  9. Not when it's financed by the President of the United States' campaign. Obama is supposed to be President of the United States. Calling out private citizens for supporting your opponent and blatantly attempting to intimidate anyone else who might is one of the most vile, corrupt things I could think of. DNC? Sure. But the President's reelection campaign? Despicable. He's a dictator-in-waiting.
  10. Anybody remember CREEP?
  11. Are you ashamed of Romney's supporters?

    I don't see anything wrong with detailing who is on which team. Lord knows I've heard enough about Warren Buffett and George Soros in regard to Obama to satisfy my curiosity for 100 years.

    Why do supporters need to be shielded from public knowledge? I've had to hear about everybody who ever met Barack Obama. I might as well know who wants to give up millions for Romney and what they have done.
  12. Did you hear that from an official arm of the POTUS, or is this another one of things you cherry-picked from posters on here in a desperate attempt at equivalence?
  13. Yes, and if I recall correctly, a lot of heads rolled as a result of their actions.

    If that's equivalence to what is happening here, should we expect a similar outcome?
  14. I was puttering around on my boat wiring, putting things together, tracing circuits and plumbing, tracing cables, starting and stopping things I need to learn to use etc. yesterday and today.

    How very satisfying compared to reading this sort of thread,

    That said, you're absolutely correct. T would never say anything negative about Mr. Soros!
  15. Doesn't make any difference to me. I'm more offended by the synchronized but separate routine that they play in politics. Everyone knows the Swift Boaters were working in conjunction with and to benefit the Bush campaign and that Bush loved the payoff.
  16. You're too young to understand Watergate, but not too old to learn about it. This is the opposite of Watergate.

    This is public information.

    If you want transparency, you need to focus on million dollar donations hidden behind dummy corporations.

    What's worse in my mind is huge money from hidden sources. Why?
  17. How wonderful for you. We're all very, very impressed.
    Not sure which is more laughable: Professor moderate running interference for Obama to defend charges that he's a hypocrite on everything from national security protocols to executive power to embracing super PAC money (facts that even most honest leftists freely admit)...or now pretending that TCUSA's criticism of George Soros is equivalent to what's being published on Barack Obama's campaign website.

    I love moderates[sup]TM[/sup]
  18. I'm older than you don't presume to "teach" me about something you're not old enough to understand (at least by your own standard). But by all means, please feel free to lecture HF71, since he's the one who brought up CREEP. That I have to explain to you that implicit in my comment was that these two situations are different isn't surprising.

    Million dollar donors? Really? Like Obama doesn't have them. And who do you think will have more money in his war-chest during this election?

    Unlike you, I'm not playing the "my team is better than yours" game. I simply like to point out that just about whatever you (and Democrats) accuse Republicans of doing, there is at least a near equivalent that you (and they) are doing.

    I've done this literally hundreds of times to your posts...the message obviously has not resonated.
  19. NO!

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