The Parent Responds to Troubled Teen

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  1. Regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative, it seems as if children these days have this sense of entitlement, as if everything is to be handed to them without feeling as if the word "work" is involved in any way in acquiring the things one values. As an educator, this attitude carries over into the classroom. From the smartest of kids, down to the dumbest, no one feels the need to work in a classroom.

    Why has this sense of entitlement perpetrated? Parents don't take a stand. Why do they not take a stand? They are too consumed with their own lives to do the job of a parent: raise a child. I know there are parents who take the stand, try to teach their children values and work ethic, but it is hard when your child is surrounded by other children who run all over their parents.

    The lack of parental fortitude is killing, not only our country, but our schools. The Charter School movement and other "reformers" will go on and on about getting better teachers, but none of that matters when a child comes into a classroom without having the desire or capacity to work in order to acquire the knowledge necessary to pass basic skills tests.

    I applaud this parent and wish there were more like him willing to take a stand in a manner that fits their personality. Me, I don't own a gun, but I like burning things and blowing things up. I probably would have strapped it to a rocket and launched it into the air.


  2. I thought he presented himself as a 17 year old trying to parent a 15 year old.

    If what she did was wrong, and it was, then what he did was just another level of the same behavior. Just another ugly emotional reaction and making family life a public spectacle.
  3. He is an IT professional...
  4. Yes, but the parent was playing to win. He had to get through to her in the only way he thought possible. I would rather take a 17 year old trying to convey a message than some 45 year old too consumed in trying to get laid and be happy to realize that the child growing up in their home is a responsibility with much greater weight than their own personal desires.
  5. [​IMG]

    You play to win the game!
  6. Playing to win a pissing match with a kid? He needed to model how a reasonable and responsible adult acts. A reasonable person does not use exploding bullets and shoot TVs or computers when they are hurt and angry and embarrassed, tape the thing, and spread it on the internet.
  7. I thought hollow points were exanding bullets and not exploding bullets...
  8. I don't remember what he said exactly. I'm an old fashioned guy and only shoot my kids' toys with a .22 or a shotgun.
  9. You obviously do not deal with the little [ Orgeron ]s on a daily basis. There is nothing reasonable about them. There are children who have their parents who work in schools who Would I have done the same thing? No, but the fact is that here is a parent who cares, misguided, yes, but cares
  10. Could not agree more
  11. One can care and still really make a mess of things.
  12. They do so far less than those who do nothing at all.
  13. I'm very reluctant to be too judgemental about how other people parent their kids, but since the guy posted this on youtube, he's sort of begging for judgement.

    What was the girl's transgression? Trying to humiliate her parents on Facebook. How did the dad respond? By trying to humiliate her in turn. How do you think she got the idea that her Facebook diatribe was appropriate to begin with?

    She didn't get to that point in a vacuum. Looks to me like he's done nothing but reinforce her behavior. And he probably reinforced it in similar ways in the past.

    Why do that on youtube? To show her friends how badarse he is? I can't imagine giving a chit what my kids friends think of me in that circumstance.
  14. A false dichotomy. If he beat her with a switch, I guess that shows he "cares." But there are a number of possible ways to deal with that situation in the realm between doing nothing and pretending to be Charles Bronson on youtube.
  15. So what's the lesson that she learns? That dad doesn't play around? That when you're hurt and pissed it's ok to respond that way? That when you're embarrassed it's you're entitled to over react? That it's not enough to punish someone, but you should publically humiliate them as well?
    Maybe if the kid was such a brat, he shouldn't have bought her the laptop in the first place, or spent half his day and $135 upgrading her software. Since the dude wants to air his dirty laundry for the world, I'm going to go out on a limb and judge him and guess that part of the reason she's acting the way she is because of his parenting techniques.

    Here's a newsflash. Teenagers suck.

    And I'm not some touchy feely hippie my kids do no wrong parent. If you asked most people who know me, they'd probably say I'm a little too strict. I prefer to say I have high expectations, but whatever. But what this guy did, is not good parenting in my opinion.
  16. + eleventy gazillion
  17. I don't think it shows he cares as much as it shows he doesn't like getting shown up on facebook and he is seeking revenge.
  18. Give me a Southern pissed off daddy any day to the "how does that make you feel" drivel that the hippie parents of Portland spew.
  19. I don't think any of us are advocating the latter. I just think that video is an unintentional documentary revealing a lot about how his daughter got to be that way in the first place. I see a guy who is incredibly vain, immature, and angry. Not too surprising he turned out a daughter who is vain, immature, and angry ...
  20. Fox 4 and Steve Eager did a segment on this with a psychologist. Eager seemed to really enjoy the video and it received a popular response from Fox 4 viewers. Then he asked the psychologist if maybe there was anything wrong with it, like he couldn't quite find a problem, but he suspected there might be one.

    She answered as if she was imagining 1000 guys with pistols loaded with expanding bullets were judging her answer.

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