The Left is Tolerant (yeah sure)!

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  1. I guess the middle should get off their asses, work harder, and make more money. It's America. Educate yourself, take risks, succeed. Or I suppose you could be a democrat, vote for socialist, and hope others who are smarter and work harder should support you.
  2. Oh I see 95% of America is lazy as [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]. You are so angry.
  3. Finally looks like GOP are listening to 90% of Americans who hate ahca and bcra. New bill with preexisting conditions added back and no Medicare surcharge removal. Still a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] bill but a huge step forward.
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  5. To be clear: everyone is "in" Obamacare, everyone would be "in" AHCA. It's a law and set of regulations, not a program in and of itself.

    Everyone's health insurance saw the removal of pre-existing condition exclusions, everyone saw the removal of lifetime caps. The effects of Obamacare were not limited to the creation / expansion of individual exchanges or Medicaid expansion.
  6. Not sure that bill can be saved. Its been improved but still [ steaming pile of Orgeron ], even in comparison to ACA which has tons of problems. Set up a bipartisan taskforce exactly even with 3 democrats, 3 republicans and perhaps and independent. Get to work and fix it.
  7. Democrats are too worried about the Russians, victimhood, impeachment, BS to help with anything. Besides they want single payer which Obamacare was suppose to eventually deliver to help solve anything and bankrupt the country.

    Democrats are scum sucking defenders of queers, transgender bathrooms, anti military, climate change, open borders, globalism and everything else anti-American to actually want to fix their Obamacare mess. scheiss them and scheiss you.
  8. cry me a scheissing river putt. GOP blocked every policy they could for 8 years, and riddled ACA with a ton of horrible amendments to make it worse. Both parties suck and you know it. The GOP of today is a pathetic joke compared to the republican party of the 80s.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Speech they don't agree with = violence (according to the radical liberal left)


    It is okay to suppress free speech (they don't agree with) with violence.
  11. Because every policy put up by that liberal communist anti-American Muslim [ Arschloch] deserved to be blocked.
  12. Jesus you really are brainwashed aren't you? Gop Trump train is worse than every liberal sans Pelosi and perhaps Sanders. Both parties are full of warts right now.
  13. Your brainwash-induced ignorance is boundless.
  14. Respect this perspective. Disagree, but still respect.

    IMO, the constitution evolves with times (living document etc.). In the 18th century we didn't need the government to protect us from disease, we just needed to them to protect us from invasion. After the industrial and technological revolutions the moral imperatives are very different. We live longer, work differently and are exposed to a lot of things people on the frontier weren't exposed to. And IMO we have a moral obligation to take care of each other, to make sure a minimum standard of living is available and accessible because every person is a human and our capacity is so great. We should never give in to the nonsense of failed pure socialism, but we can make sure kids have a safe place to sleep and food to survive while they get a quality education, that the disabled can live a productive life, that illness doesn't bankrupt us, that chemotherapy is affordable and accessible to every cancer patient, and that every person has opportunity to live a decent life. You can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you don't have boots. In 2017, the greatest country in earth shouldn't be pulling anyone up for them, but we can make sure everyone has boots and opportunity.

  15. Agreed
  16. I fall in the category of retired but too young for Medicare. The only thing that has affected me negatively in my lifetime (from government involvement standpoint) has been the high cost of healthcare premiums for a healthy individual. I cannot pinpoint who's "getting rich" from the premiums that myself and many like me are paying, so I can only suspect, that my high premiums are subsidizing those who are not paying. That being the case, at minimum, I should be getting a charitable deduction (or any kind go deduction), for this. The whole thing is frustrating, and I'm ready to go back to market based healthcare, and let the county take care of the poor. Or self insure......
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  17. The problem I have with the liberal line of thought is that they take the above, and claim a monopoly over it as a goal. The truth is, EVERYONE wants the above. There isn't anyone in the country, outside of a sociopath, that doesn't want to make sure kids have a safe place to sleep, or that every American have access to affordable care. That'd be like saying that the Soviet Union was a more moral, despite the fact that the results of American capitalism outlapped Soviet development many times over and increased the standard of living for all Americans.

    The question at hand isn't whether affordable healthcare, low poverty, or quality education is the goal. It's whether the government, and in this case the federal government, is the mechanism best suited to administer a plan to deliver those goals. THAT'S where the disagreement lies.
  18. States have already proven they can't do it. Tax receipts per gdp are lower in the US than any other major country besides horrible ones. Our public education, healthcare, poverty all suck in comparison.

    Who should manage it? Why did the US go from the leader in so many categories in the 50s to the laggard now? We earn the most of major countries yet our support is nearly the worst. Why is that?
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    Personally I think both sides are too extreme. You need to put people in a position to be make it on their own. But the desired gop level of support is basically what Mexico offers or worse. Medicare is needed. Medicaid is needed in some cases (children under 18 and other exceptions as well like permanent disability ).

    This is whole delusion that our tax rates are too high is just [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]. Close loopholes on wealthy investment income, close corporate loopholes, and keep taxes where they are. Then maybe we would go from near last on tax receipts per gdp (oecd) to middle of the pack where we should be. Zero need to be Denmark but we sure as hell should be taxing more than Turkey.
  20. i get the impression from the Dems on here, that you think wealthy people, in general, are self serving "pigs at the trough". Most the wealthy people I know are extremely generous, and give back vigorously. Anybody that doesn't use the current tax laws and system to their own advantage are just plain stupid.
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