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  1. When I was younger, I was a huge beer drinker, all kinds, all nationalities, but these days not so much. Maybe 6-8 beers per year. When you're pushing 61, the high-calory content of beer is not your friend. These days, I stick to the harder stuff. Still high-calory, but not as high as beer because, as a practical concern, you can't drink nearly as much of it. You have to cut off earlier to maintain either coherence or consciousness.

    it doesn't work this way for everybody, but for me, switching to the hard stuff has lowered my alcohol and caloric intake from when I was big beer drinker. I drank A LOT more beer than I do liquor.

    But that's just me. As I said, individual results may vary.
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  2. Martin House Bockslider Bock and Imperial Texan are my two current local favorites. Their Bock is delicious.
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  3. I love Bock beer

    Salado Bock from Barrow is awesome. I think it's 8.6 ABV and they'll only sell you two but I finagled a third one out of them because they knew I walk to and from the brewery
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  4. Kreuzberg dunkel, based on my memory from ~ 15 years ago, is the best beer I ever had.

    In light of the incredible advancement in US brewing over that timespan, I'm afraid I'll be underwhelmed if/when I ever get to the monastery to try another Kreuzberg.
  5. I think it was mentioned in HASMSP, but Sweetwater brewing out of Georgia produces good stuff across its menu--the 420 extra pale ale is a great standard. And I think we are seeing it around the Fort more now.
  6. You owe it to yourself.

    And, I thought the owners were Aggies, but evem better if they support the Frogs.
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  7. Yeah, both flags. Didn't think the other one needed a mention.
  8. I'm pushing 67 and go for quality over quantity. 2-3 per outing, tops.
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  9. And you were doing such a grand job of it...right up to the time someone stepped on your hand.
    This put-down was recycled from a thread from the past, but is no less true for all that...TT
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  10. Yeah well
  11. I'm a big fan. The setup at the actual taproom in Fort Worth is awesome.

    However, I know people who won't go there. The beer is just too much for them and I can see that. They are big on the sour scene and have a few beers that just give me bitter beer face.
  12. Lone Pint IPA is the best I've tried

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