Texas Tech Press Conference

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  1. lol - that is true. Some were actually hoping for a loss to Baylor if that is what it takes to get rid of Kliff.
  2. If Fort Worth is in Dallas then why wouldn't Arlington be?
  3. Shut your filthy mouth. Do not anger the gods. We are sorry football jobu.
  4. Not everything exists on the same plane, man. There are places, man, that we can't know, we can only hope to be like stars within the universe existing, sitting quietly, all watching, all knowing where those planes exist and where they don't. Man.
  5. I'm a pessimist.
  6. We actually led OU for a bit before they dominated us. We never even let UT up off the mat. And we scored more on the second best D in the Big 12 than we did OU.
  7. It must have been a conspiracy from the start!
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Exactly. Pickford knows things. He is fully enlightened.
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  10. I don't have the game recorded so I can't watch it again. He wasn't limping, but I remember the face and body movement of someone in pain while I watched it live.

    That doesn't mean I'm right, of course, it's just what I saw and even said at the time that I hope he didn't just get hurt.
  11. I don't think it is that clear cut. Injured players can dress for football games. For instance, if he is hurt but can play as a last resort GP may ask him to dress.
  12. I can't imagine GP would ever have a starting QB or kicker or anyone else in uniform and then not play them in the game.
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    I think if you rewatch that you'll see Hill motion Hicks from the right side of backfield to the left because he saw it would put him one on one with a linebacker that he knew Hicks would win. May have looked like no defender to some. But there was. He was toast. Good call by Kenny.

    I didn't see anything Kenny did to lose the job Saturday. As other posters have said, must be concussion protocol or illness.
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  14. Song was in uniform last week and didnt play. Morris also. Did I miss sarcasm?
  15. If you were a student in the last two decades and actually looked through the address book on the TCU outlook, you could actually find GMFP email address. I emailed when I was youngster, thanking him for staying at TCU and for the great season we had when I was a freshmen in '05 and that we got the shaft from the bowl selection committees.
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  16. And yes, he did respond back with a thanks and go frogs type email. If I was a smart I would have saved the email somewhere other than my TCU inbox, that apparently you can't keep after you graduate...
  17. The Russians kept a copy for you.
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  18. It was a rhetorical reply/question. I have no doubt that he has had plenty of arm chair QBs email him about what he should or shouldn’t do about Hill or Boykin or Dalton when the fans thought that they were horrible. I’m sure that he was gracious with his replies. He’s a class act. I’m also sure that he shook his head after he sent said email because he is human and he gets sick of fair weather fans who don’t appreciate what these 18 year old student athletes go through.
  19. And people freak out when I imply something........ never stated anything......my thoughts could have been different
  20. Has anyone thought that maybe the reason we don’t go deep more is that our receivers aren’t good at that. We’ve had more drops on deep balls than any other routes we throw. Other teams wideouts can the ball down the field routinely and yet ours don’t. Maybe some of the blame should go to Kenny for not being precise but I’ve seen many passes thrown well dropped. Maybe SR will fix it this week.

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