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  1. Been doing some research on this, thought I would share what I have found this far:
    - NIT (which is now run by the NCAA) collects ALL revenue from the tournament: Tickets, sponsorships, merch, TV, radio, etc...
    - They then pay overhead, expenses for participating teams, etc...
    - Then distribute the remaining revenue in equal shares to teams based on # of games played... 1, 2, 3, or 5. If we make the semi-finals, we get 5 shares. There isn't a bonus for winning the whole thing.
    - TCU gets reimbursed for coach air, a bus, and $120 a day per diem for the players/coaches/staff (up to 25). This is true for each applicable round of the tournament, including the Semi/Finals in NYC. Keep in mind, this is likely just a "distribution," as TCU chooses to charter privately, not fly coach. Hotels are NOT included.
    - I can't find anywhere what the estimated "share" is, but I would hazard a guess that its something around $100k. So, TCU (the Big 12) will receive at least $300k due to TCU's 3 shares thus far. If they keep winning, this could go as high as $500k.
    - Minus our expenses, I would guess we "break even" on our NIT run, which is really a good thing considering the cost of running a high-level college basketball team.
    - Final note: While the NCAA tournament distributes your earnings for 1 tournament appearance over 6 years, the NIT winnings are distributed the same year in one lump sum.
    Keep winning Jamie!
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  2. I am just happy they get to play another game this season.
    Especially for the seniors to be able to get back home in what could possibly be one of the best crowd/environment.
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  3. The team can stay at my place for the New York games.
    Just two hours each way.
  4. Just two hours each way to MSG? You must live just on the other side of Manhattan.
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  6. TCU's NIT earnings have nothing to do with the dollars and cents in 2017. Everything to do with 2018 and beyond. But we'll take what we can get -- Jamie Dixon draws a heckuva salary.
  7. Rather have a deep run getting post season experience than one and done in Big Dance.  I really hope Jamie gets us to Madison Square Garden that would be a great homecoming story for Jamie due to PItt and playing at the Garden a lot.
  8. I'm not so sure we'd have been 1 and done if we made the field of 64 (+4).
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  9. True that just focusing on the positive of what we are doing not the what if.   Some teams in the tournament redefine sucking.  We could have made round of 32 and possible sweet 16.  You just have to get into the dance.  
  10. I hate heaping expectations on a team from next season when the current season isn't even over yet, but I think that group could make an impressive run in the post season.  I agree that this is valuable experience for these kids and a necessary step in building CJD's program.  But that group next year is going to be a lot of fun to follow.
  11. Just getting to .500 in the Big 12 is a heck of an accomplishment, I mean what a tough conference did we get 3 in the sweet 16?
    Sure, there's always a chance of winning a game (or games) in the NCAA tournament, but it would have been a pretty big surprise.  Most likely it would have been a loss, because we just aren't that good yet and we would have been playing a 5 or 6 seed.
    At this stage in the program's development, getting a chance to play a home game with a NYC trip on the line in the NIT is better than what would very most likely had been a very short NCAA tournament.  It should be a fun atmosphere tomorrow.
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  13. I'm of the opinion that it's better for your program to lose in the first round of the tournament than any type of run in the NIT. Even winning the NIT is not going to help you in recruiting. Kids want to play in the dance.

    From a purely selfish standpoint as a fan, though, I love the fact that we've gotten two extra home games out of this. I'm really fired up to be back at the scholl tomorrow night. And for the players, ending the season with a trip to NYC to play in the garden would be a great reward.
  14. I generally ageee, but I think in this instance--CJD coming home to build up a cellar-dweller--an NIT run in his first year roughly equals barely making the NCAA Tournament and making a quick exit because it shows he is transforming TCU right now. That argument won't work in 2019, but it works in 2017.

    To add a little--Larry Brown went 15-17 (5-11) in his first year at SMU (and that was in Conference USA) and made no postseason appearance. In his second season he went 27-10 (12-6 American) and SMU was a NCAAT bubble team that just got left out but made a run to the NIT title game (lost). Then, NCAA tourney the next year, ineligible the next (but otherwise would've been a tourney lock) and an early exit this yesr (but a top 25 team the last couple years). CJD is ahead of that schedule already by making the NIT run in year 1, and I think there's a good argument he can leverage "momentum" the same way Brown/SMU did in those first couple years.
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  15. And without cheating.  
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    As a longtime fan, was I rooting for a NCAA tourney spot?  Damn skippy!  But this team wasn't ready.  As soon as they got penciled in for the tournament they started losing and kept losing until they played their way completely out of it.  NIT was the right place for this team this year.  Also, getting the fan base on board has been a major goal and sounds like we've had some success there.
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  17. Personally, every time TCU is on ESPN playing basketball against other major programs (which we are doing in the NIT... the NIT is a tough tournament) is a good thing for the development of our current players as well as recruiting. Yes, you'd rather have two wins in the NCAA than the NIT, but having two NIT wins over nothing is SIGNIFICANTLY better. From that perspective, the NIT is awesome.
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  18. You could be Tech or UT or even OSU without a coach.
    Lets just enjoy the ride!
  19. And we shouldn't forget apparently how close we were to not even getting an invite. The Tech loss to UT probably helped and we might have still got one with just the OU win but it doesn't look like a sure thing in hindsight.
  20. NIt worked for building Baylors program 2013 champ (made the dance ever since): & Colorado when they were in the Big xii missed the bubble finished 4th in NIt

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