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  1. It still is. Most coaches split them up, so most players get at least a partial (and they can also be eligible for academic scholarships to more fully cover their costs). They don't release who gets what though and Coach Roditi has been quoted as saying that he rarely awards full scholarships. It's different for the women - most players get the full ride.
  2. Stacking is your friend.
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  4. It won't just be free pizza tomorrow at the tennis center - they're gonna have free tacos and free t-shirts as well. Check out the TCU Men's Tennis Twitter page if you want to see all the various pics of Coach Roditi (in purple body paint) all over campus with various people/fans!
  5. Last night, I went to see the Ohio State-Northwestern match, where the #2 Buckeyes swamped the Mildcats 4-0 and clinched at least a share of the Big10 championship for the 12th consecutive year. Given that we lost 4-2 to Northwestern in our first match this Spring, the comparable results are, uh, not favorable should we face OSU in the NCAA's. Moreover, #1 Mikael Torpegaard is the real deal. He has great groundstrokes and a very effective serve and seems to wallop every shot. He's 6'4", which is a lot taller than what I pictured. He was dawdling a little in his first set against NU's Strong Kirschheimer and it was 4-4, then Torp reeled off 10 straight games in dominant fashion and won easily 6-4, 6-0. DiFeo and Pollanen aren't bad either. The rest of the matches were not very close - they played all of them out and the final score was 6-1 if you count all of them. Like Jake said above, I think we would have a better chance if we're seeded in the NCAA brackets with other teams, even Wake or Virginia. I don't want any part of either Torp or the Buckeyes.

    The all-time series record between the Frogs and the Longhorns is 28-19 in favor of Texas. It's 7-12 in Ft. Worth. TCU has won the last 2, but before that, Texas won 8 straight, dating back to 1997. We're going for 3 straight wins for the first time since the early 1990's. Freshman Christian Sigsgaard is ranked 25th; Harrison Scott 44th. #48 Yuya Ito is apparently injured and won't play. The mattch will start at 1:00 p.m.
  6. Thinking about walking over. Are tickets required?
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  7. No tickets required. Just go. It's a fun, relaxed time and you won't regret it.
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  8. I went to the women's match earlier and enjoyed it a bunch.
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  9. TCU takes the doubles point and lead 1-0! Stalder/Lopez and Norrie/Johnson were the winners. There was some controversy, but I couldn't tell what was going on.
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    The lil ole TCU Horned Frogs just beat the mighty #7 Texas Longhorns for the 3rd straight time (4-1), we just swept the Big12 with a combined score of 20-2, we just won an outright Big12 regular season championship for the first time ever, we're headed for the Top 5 and a #1 seed in the Big12 tourney, we just won our 12th straight match (most over ranked teams) with wins in the doubles point and by Trevor Johnson, the Captain, Cameron Norrie (the #2 ranked player in the nation and winner of the TCU Athlete of the Year award) and Alex Rybakov!! And the crowd goes wild!!!

    The trophy presentation is happening and it looks like OU is going to beat the Cowboys so our margin will be 2 matches over the entire Big12 field.
  11. Jared, help explain what happens next.

    Big 12 tournament I assume?

    Then NCAA tournament over 2 or 3 weekends I think? I remember last year we hosted one part of it but forgot the format.
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  12. Senior Day can be a powerful motivator, as the TCU-Texas match showed earlier today. And it also worked in Norman, as OU blanked OSU 4-0 in Bedlam. But the most exciting Big12 match of the day was undoubtedly in Lubbock where Tech blitzed out to an early 3-0 lead over #4 Baylor. And they were leading in all 4 remaining matches, but one-by-one Schretter, Tchoutakian and Little turned those matches around and tied it up 3-3. It all came down to Tech's Carlos DiLaura and Baylor's Constantin Frantzen on court 5. DiLaura won the first set 7-6 in a tiebreaker; Frantzen won the 2nd 6-4. And then the 3rd set went to a match-deciding tie-breaker and DiLaura won it, giving Tech their biggest win of the year and their first in the Big12.

    That makes the final Big 12 regular season standings as follows:

    TCU 5-0, 17-4
    Oklahoma State 3-2, 21-5
    Baylor 2-3, 21-6
    Texas 2-3, 19-7
    Oklahoma 2-3, 14-9
    Tech 1-4, 11-14.

    I think Baylor will get the 3rd seed because they beat both Texas and OU; Texas the 4th because they beat OU; OU the 5th. Tech's overall record is below .500 so they must win the Big12 tourney to get a NCAA bid. The tourney starts Thursday in Norman and I think it'll be Baylor v. Tech and Texas v. OU. TCU and OSU will get byes. TCU will then face the winner between OU and Texas. I could be wrong on the seeding, but in any event, TCU will get a bye and the top seed.

    Two weeks afterwards, TCU (as well as OSU, Baylor and Texas) will each host regionals in the NCAA's - the winners advance to the NCAA Finals in Athens. OU will also get a bid but not a hosting position. Tech will only go if they win the Big12 tourney.
  13. There was no TCU tennis stuff at the spring sale, which pissed me the f%#k off bc our tennis team is darning incredible.

    Go muther furking frogs!!!!!!
  14. Thanks for the info Jared. It was a good time at the TCU tennis center today. Glad I decided to go there rather than the baseball game. It is a pretty solid conference when your last place team (Tech) can beat a nationally ranked opponent.
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  15. The Big12 has announced the seedings and times for the Big12 tourney. OU will indeed by playing Texas and it's also Baylor v. Tech on Thursday. TCU's next match will be at 10:00 a.m. on Friday against the winner of the Sooners and the Longhorns and if we advance to the finals, it'll be at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. On our side of the bracket, despite the fact that Texas is ranked higher, I'm more afraid of OU because: (1) they're playing at home; (2) they're hotter, having won their last two Big12 matches; (3) Andrew Harris is back at #1 singles, he beat Julian Cash fairly easily yesterday, and his return transforms their line-up; and (4) Ito is injured for Texas and might not play. Unlike our previous match in Norman, all matches are at least scheduled to be outdoors, which probably favors the Frogs.
  16. #2 ranked Cameron Norrie's only loss this Spring was to Illinois' Aleks Vukic (6-7, 6-3, 6-10). Yesterday, Ohio State's #1 Mikael Torpegaard faced Vukic in the Ohio State-Illinois match and Vukic demolished Torp 6-1, 6-3 (although Ohio State won the overall match and clinched their 12th straight Big10 championship and their 11th of 12 undefeated conference seasons). Torpegaard had previously lost last fall to both Wake's #3 Petros Chrysochos and Arkansas's Michael Redlicki although he came back to beat Chrysochos (like Cam) this Spring. I think that Torp's lead is too big to overcome because he didn't take the fall off and has far more match wins, but it is at least possible that Norrie will be #1 in the country when the new rankings are announced tomorrow. (And maybe Vukic should be ranked a lot higher too).

    Also, ex-TCU player Ashley Fisher's USF squad won the AAC tourney yesterday, which is pretty good for a first-year head coach.
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  17. Norrie and Vukic should of never agreed to play a match where the 3rd set was just a tiebreaker instead of a full set.

    Torp, Norrie and Vukic will all be ATP top 200 players within 12 months, IMO.
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  18. I think that's a coach's decision, so if Cam doesn't make it to #1, we should all blame Roditi;). In any event, the NCAA's individual championship will give them a chance to settle it on the court. When I went to the OSU-Northwestern match, I talked with a bunch of Buckeye fans and every single one of them were well aware of Cam Norrie. Torp's a junior, but they all thought that, like Cam, he's going full-time pro after this season concludes. Like Cam, he's already on the Danish Davis Cup team (losing to Rafa Nadal in his most recent match) and he won the Columbus Challenger last October (whereas Cam only made a Challenger final last August).
  19. Do you see anything on the horizon that will make college tennis even more enticing to these type of players who are good enough to go full-time pro but maybe aren't the sure shot elite player that can compete at the pro tourneys at a young age? I have no idea how much money is available to players out there in the non-elite rankings.
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  20. Anyone going to drive up to Norman on Saturday if we make the finals?
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