TCU-BSU game on the Mtn.

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  1. Butler with a put back 14-6 Frogs.
  2. Hank coming back, good news.
  3. Thorns coming back in
  4. Looks to me like we're killing them on the boards...
  5. Hard to watch with MTN 10-12 seconds behind radio broadcast.
  6. Anderson hits a pair of FTs 16-6 Frogs.
  7. 16-6 Frogs
  8. Fields hits
  9. FIelds hits a long two 18-6
  10. Eish, get WIlliams back in there.
  11. FIelds hits a three 21-10 Frogs.
  12. Fields has a great shot when he gets hot.
  13. Williams is a beast
  14. 21-14 with 7:33 to play.

    GOt to work to get good shots in rhythm. Hate giving up buckets with less than 2 on the shot clock

  15. Such a weapon now that he has found his three point shot again.
  16. Frogs have gone a little cold 21-18 Frogs.
  17. 12-3 BSU run
  18. SLoppy 21-20 Frogs
  19. Cadot scores 23-20 Frogs.

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