TCU billboard on North Central near SMU...Pony outrage

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  1. For a fun few moments, go over to PonyFans and read the outraged commentsd (4 pages long) on their discovery that a big TCU Billboard has just popped up on Dallas' North Central, not far from SMU-land. Threats to fireball it, find out who owns it and boycott them, burn it down. Laments that SMU has, apparently, no marketing department. Lots of fun posts there, so enjoy yourself.
  2. Apparently it's basically on the corner of 75 and Mockingbird
  3. I liked the poster talking smugly about how the "natural order" will soon be restored between TCU and SMU. Given the Frogs' comfortable lead in the series, I think the order is pretty much where it ought to be.

    Maybe it's because I was at TCU during SMU's death penalty years, but I've never really felt the rivalry with them (2005 aside). To be honest, I usually just feel bad for the Mustangs, and will root for them when it doesn't hurt our SoS.

    Still got to give props for the rye grass prank, though. May not have been original, but it was good.
  4. Right. All SMU has to do is sit back and wait. Those carpet-bagger recruits they are bringing in from california is all they need.

  5. Don't they already boycott TCU games....especially when we play SMU?
  6. Here's one of the better posts on that ponyfans thread concerning the TCU billboard near their campus:

    I offer this for the edification of current TCU students or other newbies as to the true character of the SMU community. Some of them really live the cliche of SMU snobbery.

  7. Maybe the smu fans should pony-up and get their own billboard?
  8. the entire SMU athletic department needs to pony down and realize it's just not working.
  9. I wish TCU would 'pony up' for another one.
  10. The "our maids' children go to UT" was classic!
  11. [​IMG]...just RICH!!!
  12. Wow. That's either wryly self-deprecating or record-setting myopic.
  13. At Mockingbird and Hillcrest should work....

  14. You know with the grass seed, the Round-up, and now talk of spray paint all those SMU people know is vandalism. You would have thought their butlers and maids would have taught them better. Oh well, this is what happens when you give kids too much money and too much free time on their own.
  15. Do you think the full page ads in Omaha and Los Angeles thanking the people there for their hospitality to the Frogs were the product of the same people who came up with the idea for the billboard in SMU's front yard?

    Those are some pretty clever people.
  16. It seems that in addition to a baseball team, SMU also lacks a sports marketing department. and an indoor practice facility. and a stadium that says D1. the list goes on and on.
  17. I guess they blew their budget on "June Commeth" (and SMU still sucketh) and "Don't Stop Bo Levi-ing". No need to show their marketing incompetence any further.

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