TCU Baseball 2018: Summer Thread

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  1. I guess that Gingery did not get drafted?

  2. He wasn't eligible. Playing for Team USA this summer.
  3. It looks like he went to Florida Atlantic in 2016 but obviously didn't play because he said he has 3 years left.

    He hit .314 last year at a Cali juco with 3 homers in 39 games but what I like is that he had 21 walks and only 14 strike outs.
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  4. College Summer Teams (help me update)

    USA Collegiate National Team
    RHP Sean Wymer

    California Collegiate League - Santa Barbara Foresters
    RHP Jake Eissler
    RHP James Morris
    C Zach Humphreys

    Cape Cod League - Falmouth Commodores
    OF Josh Watson
  5. Tech will be very strong next year, they played a lot of freshmen in the field and are returning their entire weekend rotation (glad to get them in Fort Worth in 2018). Agree with OU, Baylor (gag) should be improved, not sure what WVU brings back, and I assume Holiday will have OSU competitive again
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  6. His best defensive position is DH.
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  7. I think Watson should be challenged for the starting LF spot. No way he earned a no competition fall workout pass. Let the best athlete win the starting spot.
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  8. Interesting story about a former Frog....goes well beyond baseball.

    A second chance at life, away from the game he loved
    By Roger Mooney, Times Staff Writer

    PORT CHARLOTTE — Dylan Delso retired from a pro baseball career he never had.

    He walked away from a game that took him around the country as an amateur and eventually led to the desolate backfields at Charlotte Sports Park as an undrafted free agent with the Gulf Coast Rays.

    It was baseball that gave Delso hope last year as he recovered from a near-fatal head injury.
  9. Damn...but it sounds like he made the right decision.

    He has the Frog Factor

  10. Just looking for an excuse to post this name.
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  11. I might shart in the batters box if his tight spinning breaker came in on my hands.

    Gotta think that kids caught a ton of hell his whole life.
  12. So how are our guys doing in summer ball?
    Anyone been following them?
  13. you can search for individual players by name. Don't type an f instead of a b if you're at work or near your wife.
  14. Ha ha. Good one.
  15. Here you go:

    USA Collegiate National Team
    RHP Sean Wymer

    5.25 ERA over 12 IP (3 games), 7/4 SO/BB

    California Collegiate League - Santa Barbara Foresters
    RHP Jake Eissler

    1.69 ERA over 10 IP (8 games), 18/3 SO/BB

    RHP James Morris
    10.80 ERA over 3 IP (3 Games), 2/3 SO/BB

    C Zach Humphreys
    .227/.404/.227 over 58 PA, 7 RBI, 10/10 SO/BB

    Cape Cod League - Falmouth Commodores
    OF Josh Watson

    .238/.611/.238 over 52 PA, 19/9 SO/BB
  16. Josh Watson still slumping. Guessing that LF competition is more open than last year appeared to be.
  17. WVU only loses 3 players.Kyle Davis (Drafted),Jackson Sigmon and Jackson Cramer(Graduated).I believe we have a good recruiting class coming in also.Conner Dotson(broken arm) should be back.Grove may not be ready(TJ surgery)
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