Tanner Brock to UTEP - Rumor

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by West Coast Johnny, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Friend from New York just told me he heard Tank Carder interview where he said that Tanner Brock was transferring to UTEP. Good Luck Tanner! See ya in the NFL!
  2. Sweet picture of Logan Brock in that article.
  3. Is he eligible to play in 2012?
  4. Not until 2013.
  5. Negative.
  6. Really wish we could have kept him. Good luck TB!
  7. He will be closer to the border - makes perfect sense.
  8. Can't think of a better place for anyone interested in .........."that sort" of economic training.
  9. Good luck to him.

    He probably will be peeing into medical cups all semester......
  10. El Paso probably has less drug related arrests than Fort Worth.. So that whole joke is pretty much invalid..
  11. lol. . I took that pitcure!. . .you'd think they could at least courtesy me.

    maybe I should send them a Tanner Brock photo.
  12. That's because they are all drug related murders...not arrests.
  13. That happens en Ciudad de Juarez.
  14. noooooo... can we please keep tanner brock and just change his name and number?

    It's going to be weird going from being one of the best players at TCU to a school as crappy as UTEP
  15. If I'm correct, doesn't he have a younger brother Cooper there at UTEP?
  16. Hope he has a great year. Plus, Mike Price's mistakes in the past will possibly help him bring Tanner around... as he understands 2nd chances...don't know if you're kicked off a team and already set out a year, you automatically have to sit out another. Also in certain cases, one can forgo 1 year of eligibility and play immediatley..... I think.?.
    Good Luck, Tanner !

    Cheers !
  17. You are expecting Mac and the Startle to give you credit?

  18. whats wrong with the picture logan was no. 80 tanner was no.35

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