State of the Frogdom Lunch

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  1. This would not be top of her list....
  2. Susan and George Grimes 42 and 43;
    Dale Young 44
    Can we pay there?
  3. Mr. & Mrs. WhiteHispanicFrog

    #44 & #45
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  4. Yes you can
  5. Killerfrogs staff, guests, etc

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  6. So ole Wes is bringin' a dozen hotties
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  7. #58. The "stealth" member will be there. Always reading, listening & observing.
  8. Muck? Again?
  9. "Stealth member" is that like Ninja Briles?
  10. Double will attend if there is still room. I think I know one of the Emcees. :rolleyes::)
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  11. Name-dropper
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  12. if space is still available wife and I will attend
  13. Looks like 61 with DD and Stables entourage.
  14. Come on
  15. #62,63 &64
  16. I will be there if still room. 67. What is the date again?
  17. Next week or week after?
  18. Friday Sept 1st.

    Two weeks from this Friday.
  19. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to attend due to a change in my Fall semester schedule. To preserve the integrity of the head count, I believe the next person who accepts an invitation should claim #67, if I'm not mistaken?
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