Sour Beer?

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  1. Any sour beer fans on this forum? Wild ales, lambics, etc...?
  2. If you're around DFW Martin House Salty Lady is my favorite. Their True Love is a raspberry flavored sour which is tasty as well. Collective in FTW is known for their sours but damn they are really tart, if that's what you're looking for.

    I've tried the Wild Ales, but realized it has salt added to it. The others might as well but WA posts it on the can "with added coriander salt". I'm not a beer expert, but My take is that sour beers are simply fermented in a different way. I see no need to add salt to something that's going to dehydrate me.
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  3. Love me some Salty Lady and True Love in the hot summer.
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  4. I've sampled a few sours over the past year. None of which I'd grab a full pint of with the exception of Dogfish Head's SeaQuench Ale. The perfect summertime hanging out beer, especially if you're at the shore.
  5. I love sour beer. Been brewing my own. First batch took 15 months though...

    Collective Brewing has the best sours in DFW in my opinion. Jester King in Austin is making great sours as well.
  6. Not all of them have salt. The Gose style which Salty Lady is have salt added. Part of the style.

    Most Wild Ales/Sours dont have salt added.

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