So about the Nike cleats we used for the game..

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  1. Not sure if this was brought up already, but my gf was watching the game at home and texted me during the game and said the ESPN was reporting that our new cleats were causing the players to slip, bad enough that multiple players were seen slipping in sync on one play, and we didn't bring extra cleats to change in to. Any truth to this?
  2. there are about 5 other threads on this topic. Check one out.
  3. Yes, there is truth.
  4. welcome to earth
  5. Sorry been in LA until yesterday evening with no internet access in the hotel and just logged back in for the first time since the game today.
  6. The thread gestapo strikes again. Yaw Vol Mine Fuhrer. :blink:

    Lighten up Francis.
  7. You are capable of searching.
  8. not being a gestapo at all. just letting him know we have had this conversation about 5 times. I don't mind talking about it some more but I think everyone was glad the last thread died.
  9. That's an interesting statement, perhaps you should check out the Earth sometime? You know the one with people on it? Try walking out that front door for starters, interestingly enough that glowing screen in front of you with KF.c on it that you play pretend thread sherrif on doesn't define the Earth. Who would have thought?
  10. You might try this one. We were trying to discuss reactions we experienced after the win, but several folks got off on a long (and quite mind-numbing) diatribe about cleats. Knock yourself out.
  11. Are you capable of not being an [Craig James] hat?
  12. Why on earth are you so obsessed with whether another thread exists for every topic?
  13. Now I'm going to do my best to be as nice as possible here because I know this forum makes you feel multiple times more important than you actually are in real life and I'd hate to stir the pot up too much on my own teams forum with fellow fans, but although I'm capable of searching, you seem to not be capable of taking out whatever is stuck firmly up your [Craig James], maybe that's why you're such a [ ricardo ] to anyone who doesn't lick the players jock straps after they're done using them in order to post the inside scoop on KF.c. Just an observation. Now I know you're competent and a smart guy, but I'm going to repeat what I said anyway just to make sure you didn't miss anything. I said I wasn't sure if this had been mentioned yet and that I had been in LA with no internet access previously at the JW. So I guess my question here is, why you felt it to be necessary to reply to my post referring to information (5 full threads of it apparently) that you planned on simply not linking a fellow frog to when they apologized for posting an invalid thread and asked for the link to the information you referenced and instead reinforced the notion that you're an [Craig James]-hat that intends to help some of the time but try to talk down to fellow frog fans who are asking honest questions other times? But for someone who I've seen do this multiple times to others and averages around 10 posts a day, maybe the lack of fresh oxygen is getting to you.
  14. Thumbs up! I don't even read that gdu's posts, they are usually annoying. If I knew how to search I would send you the links. But yes, your GF was correct about the cleats. Guys were slipping all over the field
  15. I question whether you really did your best here...
  16. I said I would try, not succeed my friend. [​IMG]
  17. You are capable of not acting like some sort of a mod. Which you definitely are not.
  18. I was watching the 1st quarter last night and was shocked how early Herbie mentioned the cleats and all the TCU players slipping........ It was before the 1st TD....
  19. I know you probably don't realize this gdu, but yes you are. You are by far the worst transgressor of the "repeat thread gestapo" on here. I mean, didn't they even have a poll on here (albeit tongue in cheek) last year to ban you?

    When you see "CLEATS" in the title of a thread, you don't have to read it. But you do. Then you get upset that you're reading yet another thread about something which has already been discussed, admittedly ad-nauseum. Yet YOU chose to click on it.

    I don't have a problem with your posts. I don't even have a problem with you admonishing those who start repetitive threads. It's just who you are. And when it comes to an internet message board, you take the good (example: TopFrog's news links or Feisty's recruiting information) with the bad (example: repetitive posts or teabag's or baylordan's posts). But to say your not "being a gestapo" about repetitive posts is simply untrue.
  20. It is just as easy for you to search as it is for me to search for you. You want me to do your job for you too? Make your frog club donation? Pick up your kids from school?

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