Should [Gary Danielson] Cheney have gotten a new heart?

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  1. He is 71 years old, he is obese, and he has multiple other health conditions. Was he chosen because he used to be vice president?
    Shouldn't that heart have gone to a young person with more of a life to live?
  2. Ummmm..... okay. The title wasn't exactly what I hoped for, but it is funny!
  3. Yes he should have gotten one. Without question.

    My wife worked as the social worker in the heart and lung transplant program at UT-Southwestern for 14 years. She didn't bat an eye on this one - and she's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, too. He is 71 but by all accounts is in otherwise good shape (except for his heart, obviously). There are many factors that go into where on the transplant list someone is. Given that he was on the list for 20 months, being VP certainly wasn't a factor.
  4. New heart? I didn't know he had one in the first place.
  5. Which explains so very much.... :ph34r:
  6. At least we know for sure now that he has one!
  7. Yes, but they got it from this guy --
  8. Too? I thought you said you were a moderate? :eek:hmy:

    Ok, kidding aside, yeah I think so. I certainly was not on the ethics panel where this was discussed and I don't know how many other deciding factors there were on in that general area how many good matches there were. I think just not enough to make a really good informed decision on this one.
  9. I am really glad to hear it. Those transplant folk exclude people so easily. Plus, I guess he was on the transplant list for 20 months, which is much longer than most people are on it for.
  10. Oops you don''t think he was fibbing do you??

    Imagine these "heartless" posters being on the governments 'Death Panels'.
    Oh... it would be very different if he was a liberal or a member of their own family.

    Soooo... our political persuasion is clearly a determining factor in the quality of our healthcare. Huh?

    Perfect example of how Obamacare must be defeated and why government needs to stay the H out of our healthcare.
  11. Did you actually read my post for once?

  12. Hopefully you will never have to be in a situation where people are asking the same questions about YOU when you are 71. Always easy to point the finger.....not so easy to have it pointed at yourself.
  13. Just occasionally ...I unblock you for a good laugh.

  14. “The biggest surprise in a man’s life is old age.”
  15. Serious question: Would Cheney have been eligible for a heart transplant in year 10 of Obamacare?
  16. I don't there would be a snowball's chance in hell. I would doubt anyone over 55 would be considered a "good candidate" under Obamacare. It's where their "savings" are going to come from. Cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all healthcare. Bureaucrats will shuffle statistics and averages and will instruct Americans when their quality of life has come to an end.
  17. #1 Too many of us don't vote with them or are too religious or Tea Party types.
    #2 Too many of us remember what freedom and liberty were all about and were worth fighting for.
    #3 Too many of us own property and have 401K's...savings made off the back of the slaves who built this country according to some of them. Gee and I had to pay for my home? (must have got suckered by some slave master).
    #4 Too many of us don't roll over for his LBGT agenda.
    #5 Too many of are armed.

    also: "I would doubt anyone over 55 would be considered a "good candidate" under Obamacare".
    Unless we are one of his $45,000 a plate fundraiser attendees.
  18. You may (I assume) "think" that. However it would not be clear or accurate thinking. Take evil socialized Canada where the mean age for heart transplants a few years ago was reported at 49 + or - 13 years of age. That would mean what percentage are over 62 years of age? (I leave that as an exercise for the thinker who actually wants to look at the data.) The age has been rising as techniques improve as well. Over 70 (basically Cheney's age who is 71) is not considered a contraindication in and of itself on the evaluation (there are always indications and contraindications for anything medical as I'm sure you know) though it was many years ago when the procedure was more crude.
  19. Yes. The ability to pay is but a one part of eligibility, and regardless what Medicare/private insurance look like in 10 years clearly Cheney's got the cash to pay for his heart transplant.

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