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  1. Hello fellow Frog fans,

    I am a die-hard TCU fan and I collect TCU games. I have a decent collection but have run out of sources to find them, so I am reaching out in the hopes that I can get my hands on some more. I am interested in any games from 1998-2008 that I don't have. (I have almost every game from 2009-present)

    I am willing to trade games I have or buy them from you. Below is a list of the games I have, most are on DVD(s).


    TCU Games 1.jpg TCU Games 2.jpg
  2. If you ever want to digitize this collection so it can be shared with all, let me know and I can help. I'd do the work for free.
  3. Do you have the broadcast versions with commercials (as opposed to replays where they "move ahead in the action")?
  4. "Trading" seems outdated. Any reason why you don't want to just throw them on Youtube? That's what most of us have done already. As long as you don't try to monetize it, you shouldn't have any issues.
  5. BTW I'd love to see that 2005 BYU game. Been looking for that forever.
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  6. I thought of doing something like this also, most of the games I have pre-2009 are on DVD. The number to the far right on the screens is the number of discs each game is. I will definitely let you know if I decide to do it, but before I do I would like to grow my collection!

    Yes these are the actual broadcasts, not replays! Almost all games in the screens are VHS transfers to DVD. Some have original commercials and some have the commercials removed.
  7. Would love to see some of those games again. Clemson is one that I can't find anywhere
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  8. Was the Clemson game broadcasted? That is one I can't find anywhere either, and I was at work during it so I just assumed it wasn't broadcasted.
  9. Espn3 which might cause a problem
  10. Just got the Clemson game. I thought it didn't exist, but indeed it does.

    TCU-Clemson 2009.jpg TCU-Clemson 2009 2.jpg
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  12. I have the Boise 2011 if that helps anyone.

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