Rutgers has a TCU problem

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  1. There have been some recent stories about Big East teams scrambling to replace TCU on their schedules. One has been Cincy scheduling Fordham to replace TCU.

    The latest is Rutgers losing a home game because of TCU switching from the BE to the B12, and they want the conference to make up the lost revenues ....

    Rutgers asks Big East for financial relief

    Rutgers has asked the Big East for financial relief, after losing a home game because of conference realignment. TCU was originally slated to visit the Scarlet Knights. But after TCU left for the Big 12, Rutgers lost a home game and ended up with six for the 2012 season. "We'll deal with it in a very direct manner with the league. We're disappointed that we were not made whole on a league (home ...

    ESPN Blogs - Mar 27 12:32pm
  2. Yeah adding UH and Boise will fix the problems in the league...[​IMG]
  3. oh no, now all you are going to hear is how you dodged rutgers!
  4. Not really because I am sure we would let them come play in Fort Worth anytime they wanted. The same goes for Tech. Since you're stadium flooded with tears you can play the TCU game in Fort Worth every year instead of having to forfeit like the last 2 years. We will split the take every other year.
  5. I don't recall anyone associated with TCU ever saying something along the lines of: "the big east probably isn't the type of conference we should be competing against right now".
  6. oh trust me, it wasnt the mwc tubbs feared, his qb broke an ncaa completion record v the gritty nm team, tech would have lost a max of 2 games last year if it had its schedule plus that pillow fighting mwc slate, a max of 2 games!

    so you had to change the schedule bc of conf issues, it happens, but people still might say you dodged em, brush it off guys
  7. Yeah, but the highest Tech would have got from 2005-2010 was 4th in the MWC. There's not a single raider team that could have competed with BYU, TCU or Utah in the past 6 years. Hell, you guys would have lost a couple to Air Force as well.

    Last year, Tech goes 8-4 with our schedule with losses to Boise St., Air Force, Baylor and La Tech.
  8. :wacko:
  9. I am sure you will make it an issue by claiming we dodged them on the boards you have not been banned from yet.

    BTW, what is up with the obvious photo shopped ACS? Anyone with half a brain could tell there is no way the tech folks have the exact same shade of red on throughout the stadium. That is near impossible.
  10. Gritty NM that's comedy.....
  11. never been banned from any board except texags, claiming you dodged rutgers was an obvious joke, i sure wish you would find your sense of humor, you have more of a chip on your shoulder now than you ever did as a member of those m i d majors

    and the pic was on gofrogs, feel free to email them and asked them if its photoshopped, this is the 10th time i have asked any frog to go to any one of the numerous sites this pic is on and ask, and not one of you will do it for fear of being laughed at!
  12. I got banned for my username BTHOUTAGGYTECHBU
  13. The situations are certainly not the same.
  14. Whaaaa? No good team wanted to play a road game in Piscataway?
  15. Roddog,

    Your posts are getting sillier by the day. Are you perhaps a Catholic who gave up intelligent discourse for Lent? Will we see an improvement in your posts after Easter?
  16. You can't give up what you never had.

    He is most likely an evangelical. Possibly some form of Unitarian or a practicing Zoroastrian.
  17. Frisbeeterian - He believes when you die your soul goes up on the roof and you can't get it down.
  18. Movementarian.


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