Rogers back to 4 stars.

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  1. How can you have a .9799 rating and NOT be a 5 star? This is the most stupid rating system ever. That would be considered an A+ in school.
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  2. Yeah I checked that out too. He is ranked as the 65th best player in the country (give or take a few) Frogs so thankful to have this kid. Big kid that is the crown jewel of the '18 class. All the kids like him. The 247 ranking is extremely high still, was pushed down a bit since he virtually played no games this season. His 247 score of 0.9799 is the highest ever recruit at the school I believe. And he plays QB! I have heard no complaints since his knee injury and I believe he comes back for next season stronger than ever. Wishing his schoolmate Terrace (5 star) Marshall all the best too, and whichever school lands his talent will love his game.
  3. No comment on his looks Lisa? I think the ratings are arranged in a systematic way and the score shows he is highly coveted by the schools 4 or 5 star he is in the top 1 percent. That's a fact that we can applaud.
  4. Sexist IMO
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  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Systematic? Lololololol

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