Robert Griffin going to "Chocolate City" Steven A Smith

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    Bayless: “If you’re not going to bring this up, I’m going to bring this up. Obviously, Robert Griffin III is a black quarterback. And even though we’ve come a long long way, with black quarterbacks, and they have been consistently been taken high in the draft over the last 15 years, I’m not sure we’ve come all that far in protecting said black quarterback, publicly protecting. So now you’ve drafted another rookie who’s not a black quarterback, and it sets up wrong for RGIII on a racial component level. I’m sorry. It just does.”

    Smith: “We’re talking about Chocolate City, baby! This is the nation’s capital, ok? And I’m telling you right now, something goes awry with RGIII, it’s gonna be Mike Shanahan’s head that rolls....Mike Shanahan will be gone before you could spell his last name. This is Chocolate City we’re talking about. If you were in Indianapolis, you would have a very valid point, Indianapolis, Jacksonville or some other place like that, maybe. But Chocolate City, trust me, it’s not a concern, it’s not a concern.”

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    [sub]I don't get it[/sub]
  3. Never heard that nickname before
  4. you don't understand the ramblings of two idiots? GOOD!
  5. It's not every day that I see a "BIG" reference, well done
  6. they traded him to the Saints????? Better check with x-mayor Ray Nagin, think he trademark that name
  7. I have always been amazed how Bayless has made a living being an idiot. I guess some things cannot be explained.
  8. He's just terrible

    Everything about him annoys me, and not in the "I'm gonna watch what he says because I like to disagree with him" kind of way, but in the "oh look, Skip Bayless is on TV, I'm gonna change the station immediately because I can't stand to look at his face, hear his voice, and his opinions are the worst"
  9. So if an undersized but very athletic QB does not pan out on a team that has not been very good lately its Shanahan's fault?
  10. "Chocolate City"
    Hershey, PA?
  11. How is it possible for Smith and Bayless to be on opposite sides of an issue? That means one of them has to be right, doesn't it?
  12. Actually, in this case, they're both wrong. And dumberer...

    Stephen A. Smith is simply unlistenable, unintelligible and unbearable. Skip Brainless has been a truly worthless blowhard for as long as I can remember, from his affront-to-the-profession-of-journalism stint at the now-folded (Coincidence? I don't think so...) Dallas fishwrap he soiled with his bloviating, to the halls of ESPN, which he has polluted with imbecility at a steadily increasing rate. Rick's Dumber Brother has done a grave injustice to the World of Sport and continues to do so every day...

    (Rick Bayless is actually a pretty fair Mexican chef. At least he provides something of value...)
  13. I did not realize they are brothers. Interesting tidbit. And yes, Chef Bayless is a very accomplished and award winning chef.
  14. Ya gotta wonder, what went horribly awry in that house?
  15. I don't mind Stephen A. that much. At least he talks to people who are connected in the NBA. His dismantling of Kwame Brown is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen on ESPN...and it was/is all true.

    "Chocolate City" is a common nickname for DC in the black community.
  16. They should both pull their lower lips over the tops of their heads and swallow.
  17. I follows that Chocolate City lies at the end of the Hershey Highway. I have considered DC in that very region for a long time...but not because of the racial makeup of the city.

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