Recruiting update 11-16-2010

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  1. Yeah, its my birthday but so far no surprises.

    So what's up with recruiting, seems like forever since the last commit.

    Well down to about 7 slots:

    Lets just say spots reserved for Herschel Sims, Desmond Roland, Greg Townsend Jr and Ladarius Brown no matter what else goes down until they make it clear on way or another.

    1 slot DE-reserved for Greg Townsend. Jr if he wants it. Next in line is Brandon Alexander who seems to be patient with the staff, but not sure how long that will last.

    1 slot WR: Tech commit Derek Edwards to visit during bowl prep (Brenham HS). Next in line Marquis Jackson, Arlington Heights. Already a strong group of WRs some not desparate but depth is an issue in the future.

    1 slot Safety: Abilene High has tons of talent and a speedster safety there is getting some love from TCU, Jake Brooks.

    1 spot DT: a tricky one. Chucky Hunter sure seems to be the guy they want, but he's waiting it out. Todd Barr is a long shot so they have to make a call, give me Antonio Wright.

    OT Le'Raven Clark still very much in play and is a position of need. Paulay Asiata will look but don't expect him to look hard, but he seems to want to travel away from the coast, so...

    At QB Boykin looks to be just solid, but staff insecure on the spot depth right now and also insecure on one commit (not Boykin). They are re-visiting with Dakota Prescott and he is very interested though committed to MissSt. A spot is held in reserve for him right now.

    RB-2012 offer LaDarius Anthony seems to be the future, but getting a Herschel Sims or Chevelle Buie in tis class would be a huge blessing. Light those candles or whatever you do.

    LB-still one more desired but not sure enough room. Daniel Davis, Jalante Jones and Colton Lyon seem to be in the mix but again not sure there is a spot.

    Really waiting for some chips to fall into place, but this could be one heck of a class and already a great group as it stands.
  2. Thanks, as usual.
  3. Getting down to the last gets better and better each year with this staff! Glad for the update.
  4. Happy Birthday Feisty
  5. I think I asked this in a different thread: when is Buie visiting? You said he was coming at some point.

    Also, who is the commit that is wavering?
  6. Do you think the staff will offer Tayo Fabuluje a transfer in scholarship? I'm intregued by his size, but seems too tall for DT and too heavy for d-end. He'd be an intimidation at O-Tackle, but I don't know if he has the skill set to play O line.

  7. Based on some of his comments right after he committed to us, I would GUESS that the commit in question is Gonzalez. Again, just a guess.
  8. Happy Birthday Feisty, my twin nephews share this day with you. Any word on Sims, because rumor has it he'll say yea or nay pretty soon.
  9. Hope it is not Gonzalez. That could impact Naff. My bet would be on the local db that ATM is after.

  10. I was under the impression that Feisty was referring specifically to a QB, since the comment was made in the section where he was commenting on QB's.
  11. Based on comments from him recently it didn't sound like he was leaving.
  12. Happy birthday! Thanks for the update!
  13. Is Gonzalez going to play QB or is he being recruited a QB? I thought he was more of a candidate for WR or S.
  14. Feisty, thanks for the updates as always and Happy Birthday!
  15. thanks Feisty! and Happy Birthday!
  16. FWIW Gonzales is solid and not talking about Bailey but rather not name names, though that narrows the list. Its not a big deal as a lot of commits waiver, some more than others, at this point in the process.

    On Derek Edwards and Brandon Alexander, the Cubs fell out early from the playoffs and it was a huge surprise but now a lot of the players are focusong on recruiting.

    Derek Edwards 6-1/170/4.5 Brenham, TX Tech commit

    Brandon Alexander 6-7/240/4.7 Brenham, TX Defensive end/tight end

    Alexander played at Louisiana Prepatory in Opelousas LA but the program (and school) folded after the season and his dad who was the HC took a job at Blinn in Brenham. At LaPrep they played a mixed bag of schools and home-school programs since they did not belong to a league. While not a late-bloomer he has definitely been a hidden gem and is now making waves.

    Dakota "Dak" Prescott
    QB 6-3/220/4.6 Haughton, LA

    A very impressive looking athlete and coaches have made the trip to Haughton to watch him perform. Strong armed, can throw on the run and in 2009 threw for 2,626 yards, 30 TDS and only 9 picks, rushed for 670 yds and 12 TDs.

  17. Jake Brooks 6-1/185/4.46 Abilene, TX All district as JR had key INTs in playoffs last season and already a big one this playoffs against Arlington. A speedster.
  18. Thanks Feisty.
  19. Awesome! Thanks Fiesty.
  20. Was talking QB, so it would have to be Gonzales, I guess. Haven't heard anything from Merka in a while.

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