1. Do you think Bill Gates could have played PG for the Knicks?
  2. He's underpaid for his production by the real one percenter that owns the team. He's one of the 99 making up for the incompetence of the system that the one percent shove down our throats.

    These guys don't want a free market. They want to suppress the rights of labor to move for as long as possible and to hold down the wages of labor. They do not allow other investors into the market to buy teams.

    But you go ahead and mock the wrong people to help the devil, just like all your judgment of others aids the devil you claim to be against and insults the Christian God you proclaim to worship.
  3. True, the NBA is not a free market. But people are not paid by production alone. Lin is paid under the terms of his contract, into which two parties willfully entered. I don't think there was much demand for Lin when the contract was signed and if there was, the Knicks was most likely the highest contract offered. Also, I may be incorrect but is their anything keeping a player from playing in a different league? Or even the forming of a new league?

    Marxist theory is based on the labor value theory and what you describe above, however value cannot be determined only using labor value, you must also consider the buyer. A good example is lumber. The labor involved to cut down a pine tree and a oak tree are relatively the same, but the two species of wood carry different inherant properties that effect its market value. You could even compare oak to pecan or domestic mahogony to Brazillian mahogony, all have different values based on marginal utility and the supply and demand curve. Marxism, again only looks at one side of the curve.
  4. Because the NBA has regulatory and governmental advantages that deter competition, there is something keeping players constricted.
  5. Granted by who?
  6. PCF says...............

  7. Governments.

  8. [​IMG]

    " They treat me like a Dawwwwwwwwwwwg.....sniff sniff".........
  9. Here we go....
    Moms Claim Discrimination at Devine Middle School -- Ted Garcia
    [font="Arial]Two moms have come forward claiming their 7th grade daughters suffered racial discrimination at Devine Middle School in Devine. [/font]: [/i]
    [i][font="Arial]The moms say last August their daughters tried out for the volleyball team. They claim the coaches separated the girls into two groups -- Caucasian and Hispanic. They also say 99% of the girls chosen for the "A" team were Caucasian.[/font][/i]
    [i][font="Arial]The Devine Independent School District denies there was any type of discrimination, but a complaint was filed and now federal officials will be interviewing members of the team.[/font][/i]
    [font="Arial]Sooo... in come the FEDS to investigate what has already been investigated.[/font][font="Arial]
    [font="Arial]Wonder when they will get around to putting the basketball teams to the same test ?? [/font][font="Arial]

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