Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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  1. 76 years ago today, the Japanese launched their attack on Pearl Harbor, killing over 2,000 Americans. Below is an article explaining what happened. Even though most don't have relatives, like I did, who survived and recounted the event first hand, I think that it is an event that is important to remember, because history tends to repeat itself when forgotten.

    God bless all affected by this event and may our fallen heroes Rest In Peace.

    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2017: What happened 76 years ago?

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  2. Bombing by Imperial Japanese Navy lasted 7 hours, and their intent was to Knockout most of our Naval Fleet stationed in the harbor.
    Instead, we took the brunt and survived to rebuild and win WW2 on two fronts. A day that "lived in infamy" and always will.
    Please take a little time to give thanks to those who fought and died-- for, without that sacrifice, we might not have survived.
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