Our ranking goes up to 12

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  1. what big win on the road does clemson have? Ncstate? Oklahoma has wins on the road against number 9 and number 13. Oklahoma’s loss is to a 4 loss team that the committee deemed the 21st best team in the country last week. Clemson lost to a 6 loss Syracuse team. Yes they were missing Bryant. However, In Oklahoma’s loss they were missing 3 of their 4 defensive lineman, a starting receiver, and one of their running backs.

    The clemson, Miami, Oklahoma grouping makes absolutely no sense at all.
  2. Penn State has lost two games on the road by a combined 4 points and if both TCU and PSU keep winning, we’ll be ranked ahead of them in the end, so who really cares? Based on our performance over the past several weeks, it’s not really going out on a limb to suggest that they might be a little better than us.

    Where do you think we should be ranked?
  3. And without question Oklahoma is a bigger blue blood than both Miami and Clemson. So can we put to the bed the idea that the committee is all about elevating blue bloods for the TV networks?
  4. Now this was a surprise, Wexahu coming to the defense of a Big 10 Blue blood.
  5. How do you explain Penn St and USC over TCU? You can’t. USC got the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] kicked out of them by a now overrated ND squad , They have huge recent wins over Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado. Give me a [ darn ]ing break! None of them are close to being ranked. What has Penn St done beside having quality losses? You put down so many on here that mentioned quality losses and in this same thread you use that for justification. I have realized that you talk in circles and you really don’t know what you are talking about. You just find pleasure in being the master contrarian. Sometimes I think that you are here from that other site just to stir the pot.
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  6. Exactly! That [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]ter has changed his tune hasn’t he? #exposed
  7. I’m not coming to the defense of anyone, I’m just not looking for reasons to complain. We’re #12. That’s about right, isn’t it? People alternate between complaining about a #12 ranking to thinking this week’s game against Tech is a virtual tossup. It makes no sense. If we beat Tech by 2-3 TDs like a Top 10 team should there’s a good chance we move up. If we don’t we probably aren’t a Top 10 team. Let’s beat Tech handily and see where the chips fall.
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  8. I just explained to you why someone might rank PSU ahead of us. As for USC, it’s a more difficult argument other than they’ve maybe looked a little better than us the past few weeks and we looked like dog crap in our last game. Besides, they are ONE spot ahead of us and if both us and them keep winning, we’ll pass them so it’s really not that big a deal at this point. If someone were to have us a spot of two ahead of those teams that’d be fine too, you can make that case too with some good logic.

    You should just put me on ignore if you don’t like anything I say.
  9. Clemson still plays Miami, debating between the two is silly. Auburn / Alabama / Georgia still have 2 games left to play in their trifecta. Ohio State (possibly Penn State) will play Wisconsin. TCU could still play Oklahoma again.

    Here's what we (probably know), barring chaos:
    -The Pac-12 is screwed. Best case for them is TCU / OSU beating Oklahoma in the Big-12 title game, but even then it's likely that the win over OU would be enough to vault them over USC, who is their best chance.
    -Notre Dame is out.
    -Clemson / Miami is in.
    -Georgia / Alabama / Auburn is probably in, but only one.
    -Oklahoma is in if they win out. The Big 12 champ COULD be in if they beat OU in the CCG.
    -Wisconsin is in if they win out. Nobody really knows about the B1G if Ohio State beats Wisconsin as expected. That's the only scenario where I could see two SEC teams getting in.

    There's no point in debating the minutiae of each single rating, because so much of this will get cleared out in the next two / three weeks anyway....and that's before factoring in chaos.
  10. Because it's dangerous to be in front of them.
  11. You've been trolled by Señor Wet Blanket.
  12. Fine with our ranking. I figured we would get the Washington treatment. Think OU or Miami should be #2, though, with Clemson at #4.

    So what if this happens.
    -Bama wins out
    - Miami wins out
    - Wisky wins out
    - ND loses to Stanford
    - USC doesn't win the PAC
    - Frogs win out
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  13. I think I’ll wait until the FINAL rankings come out to make any judgements on that.
  14. If 2014 taught me anything is that a 4 team playoff is nothing more than a sham. A handful of people, who are about as qualified to pick the best four teams in the country as the idiots at Barstool, get to spend some time at a nice resort and remake and remold their criteria for picking their top 4 each week so as not to be held accountable for any decisions they make.

    You want a REAL playoff (if you're a P5 apologist?) then open it up to 8 teams, period. All P5 conference champs get auto bids with 3 at large. If you want an authentic playoff for D1 then make it 16 allowing all conference champions an auto-bid with an extra 6 at-large and make it the biggest tournament in the world. The dollars flowing to sponsor those playoffs will make the current system look like chump change.
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  15. Somebody doesn’t math well.
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  16. Anyone who has defended the committee can stop this week. There is a lot going on that makes zero sense in these rankings.
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  17. Updated computer rankings, figured I'd post for the people who wish "unbiased" computers still decided things. At least its interesting to see where they are shaking out. Looks like they've normalized a bit over the past couple weeks but there is still some weird stuff, like Ohio State being ahead of OU in both. Sagarin should start over and re-program, any ranking that has Penn State #3 at this point in time is junk.

    1. Alabama
    2. Clemson
    3. Miami
    4. Wisconsin
    5. Georgia
    6. Notre Dame
    7. Ohio State
    8. Oklahoma
    9. Penn State
    10. Auburn

    1. Alabama
    2. Clemson
    3. Penn State
    4. Auburn
    5. Ohio State
    6. Oklahoma
    7. Wisconsin
    8. Georgia
    9. Miami
    10. Notre Dame
  18. Brian Jones just brought up an interesting scenario on The Ticket.

    #24 ranked Michigan has Wisconsin and Ohio State left. They win those two games, then beat Wisconsin again in CCG, does 11-2 Big 10 champ Michigan get in?

    EDIT looks like Michigan is 19. Not 24 like Jones stated.
  19. Notre Dame aint "out of the running". They're like Ohio State, can lose by 30 points and still be considered for the final four.

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