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  1. WSU air raid, WTH? No touchdowns vs. Minny? 
    And Leach goes for 4th & 6 short of mid-field with 3:00 to play with all his timeouts, down 4 points.  Silly pirate.  (They threw a desperation int.) 
    (Thought we already had an "other bowls" thread; searched and didn't find it; sorry if this is a double thread; no I'm not.) 
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  2. Yes I guess they do not throw vertical
  3. As a confirmed Mike Leach disliker I am loving this game. Wash St with six points? Lmao
  4. Grobe speaks for first time this season. Yells at ref for flag for illegal procedure as they tried to go on 4th and 1. Ref laughs at Grobe.
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  5. I will be watching the Alamo Bowl for the 2nd year in a row. $35 each for me and the girlfriend, as well as one of her/our friends. Not sure who to root for. I didn't forget that without OK state loses we would have made a playoff by now.
  7. ESPN sucks.
  8. Look at that idiot coach with the #cab shirt.
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  9. Baylor new coach Rhule says he's never been to Texas and he likes the unfamiliarity. Huh? 
    Also said something about Baylor having a higher calling than football or some [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]te.
  10. Hating Matt Rhule is going to be difficult. Very.
  11. ??
    I'm doing it right now.
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  12. Maybe, he's exhausting tho
  13. Big time BS that the Big 12 doesn't play defense. OU and TCU traditionally do. UT, OSU and WVU will get their D's back also.

    Funny that Rhule talks about limiting snaps to have a great D. Well, good luck with that with Big 12 offenses.
  14. Good gawd Rypien has thrown 2 picks at the goal line.
  15. This stinking Boise team is the reason TCU never got respect in the Mountain West. 10-2 record and struggling to score against Baylor.
  16. Big 12 officials calling the Baylor game? BU QB a yard past the line of scrimmage and threw the ball but no flag.
  17. Then the call on the punter. What a joke...
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  18. You think David and Joey are tired of Baylor?
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  19. Hope a Bronco puta a real hit vs. that punter. Cleanly, of course.

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