OT - Albanian news anchors

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  1. I'm not clicking on a URL that ends in .ru
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  2. I bet nobody watching this gives a darn about Trump or the Health Care Bill.
  3. What news?
  4. Funny, they don't look Albanian
  5. Racist, IMO. Wait, what religion was the donkey?
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  6. Not fake news, those are natural.
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  7. Maybe they are just ahead of the curve. It may take that here to get people social media to get their news...
  8. I've got a Bulgaria now.....
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  9. They are all medical doctors according to eastern european wives . com
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  10. It's very important to keep abreast of the news these days. Those anchors had to meet the stiffest of standards for their jobs. I'm sure the content of the program is titillating.
  11. Are we sure that's not a Robin Thicke video?
  12. I just became Horny4Albania...
  13. Inside boob.
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  15. Don't hate. Limp was trying to get people to do shots at 10:46 am for "grow up" mentions and this gif. He knows what's up.

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