Ole Miss at TCU Game 2 Chat

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  1. Link to chat

    Come chat about today's game with other posters and let's make sure our boys get a win today.
  2. BUMP

    Game is about to start!
  3. dang, was really hoping to see Cron play, hope his 'back tweak' recovers soon
  4. Frogs load bases with no outs in the 1st. Elander up. No score yet
  5. Elander K's looking. Courtesy of Dale Luker.....
  6. Slow grounder plates one and error on throw from 2nd to 1st plates another. Frogs 2-0.
  7. 4-3 ends the 1st. TCU 2 Miss 0
  8. Would it be more convenient to use KFC chat or is that even permissible? I had such a delay on Friday night in the new chat room that it didn't seem very chatty so to speak.
  9. No idea, I'm doing these chats for FungoFrog. There shouldn't be any delay today.
  10. Lead off single stranded for Rebs. Remains 2-0
  11. I don't know how many ole miss fans are there, but one of my best friends is there who is an ole miss grad. He worked at TCU as a college ministry intern. He is late 20's and has a decent beard and will surely be decked out in ole miss stuff. If you see him, be sure to ruffle his feathers. He is the biggest SEC homer you'll ever meet.
  12. 3-0 Frogs
  13. Third run came with 2 outs after Brance doubled and KVT tripled.
  14. Walk will be OK if Crichton can get DP.
  15. Infield pop up will work for now.
  16. Base hit now 3-1
  17. Error actually on Resnick possibly
  18. Finnegan on.
  19. A hit now 3-2.

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