Old Vintage TCU Photos

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  1. Anyone have any they care to share? Old logos, old signs, etc. etc. I have a woman doing a painting for me and we are trying to come up with an idea.
  2. http://library.tcu.edu/spcoll/DigitalArchive/
  3. Is there such a thing as a new vintage photo?
  4. Thanks!

    It is being done in an old wooden frame exactly like this...


    She is thinking about doing an actual horned lizard sitting on a log with the Flying T logo in the log. Something along these lines...


    Anybody have any other ideas? Just looking for an old "feel" to it.
  5. Works for me.
  6. cool archive site...quick question was this the basketball arena before DMC?

  7. To my knowledge this Field House was just a dream but never built. During 50's and until DMC was built the Frogs played in old Fort Worth ISD facility. Someone correct me if memory has failed.
  8. Do you Dan Jenkins' "The Vault?" I have I think a picture of the stadium from overhead of the SMU-TCU game from 1935. I will look in the morning when on the PC. Doesnt much more vintage than that.
  9. I thought the old gym was on the "south" end of campus, just west of University. Across from where the old TCU Theater was.
  10. Suhweet!! Linda Kaye photos!!!!!
  11. Okay, someone refresh my memory. The building currently known as Sadler Hall was once called Clark Hall, and the building currently known as Clark Hall was once called Goode Hall?
  12. There was a gym, then Goode Hall, then old Clark, then Sadler. Gym had a balcony but don't know that games were ever played there. Couldn't have held but a few fans. Any old time locals have more info?
  13. Sadler sits where the original Clark Hall was. The 'new' Clark Hall sits where Goode Hall was.
  14. Some great photos there...took me back.
  15. And Goode Hall sits where Monty Hall was.
  16. That was Frogzilla. He used to overlook the stadium on game day. Apparently he sprung a leak and could not be repaired.
  17. ha that's interesting... when I stepped on campus in 06 they used to have a smaller version of frogzilla on top of the walsh complex in the south EZ... still menacing, just smaller

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