Okie State rings refuse to acknowledge third loss

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  1. I'm moderately fine with it. I think it's a bit petty, officially they definitely lost the game, but whatever.

    This is not like Baylor and the Holiday Bowl. With Baylor, the call on the field was incorrect, but the application of the rule was correct. With zero time on the clock, a play that will not affect the outcome of the game can not be reviewed. The refs made a bad call, yes, but they also applied the rule correctly.

    In the Oklahoma State example, while the call (intentional grounding) was correct, they did NOT apply the rule correctly. They added a play to the game that never should have been allowed under the rules. Further, it DID have an impact on the outcome of the game.

    Briles ignored the proper application of the rule because he didn't like the call. Gundy didn't ignore a call he didn't like, he ignored the IMPROPER application of the rule. That's the difference.
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    The closer we can get to taking ref mistakes out of sports, the better. Baseball should start.

    For the record, I would not want TCU to do what Oky State did in the same situation.
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  3. No, give us a break. There's a more than subtle difference between a message board saying it and a head coach memorializing it on a ring.
  4. The refs should have pulled a Steve Harvey (or LaLa Land) and corrected it moments later when it was realized. That not being the case, OSU appears foolish for doing this. I totally get the frustration, but they should have looked at how Baylor was perceived for doing something similar and made the easy decision to accept the results and not look foolish.
  5. Maybe they could do like university of Texas. And declare them selves as state champions
  6. KState was Texas state champs this year
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