Mrs. Tommy Tuberville

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  1. what exactly have they been charged with again, where has justice been done????????????? maybe if this was in fw and pattersons wife who had accidently run a red light and killed someone she would have been given the electric chair :rolleyes:
  2. Wes ... You have been around TCU long enough ... Does Sewalt ring a bell?
  3. I know nothing about law details but I believe if convicted of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, you face up to one-year in a county jail. I'm sure probation and license taken away if not jail time. Then I'm sure civil suit will give $ to the family who lost the loved one. Anyway, sad story.
  4. If the illusion of Big 10 football superiority were a person, then "yes."

    But it's not, so, "no."

  5. Ol' ray...I remember when he said that Rob Phenix was the greatest white athlete he had ever seen....and that silly [Craig James] Jim bought into it.


  6. Yes it does but I don't remember the circumstances. I was thinking of the DB coach who drove while intoxicated but I cannot recall his name. That was within the last 10 years. Sewalt was way back there
  7. Willie Mack Garza
  8. Recruiting coordinator under Dry?
  9. And yet, she's lived there for 10 years or so but has never had that happened, while TT's wife has only been around for 3 and well, you know.

    So does that attest to her inability to drive, or the consistent inability of LBK townies to drive?
  10. this is about ignorant, i am seeing more and more why you cant get out of lubbock, noone wants a moron!
  11. She ran the light and must have been really late in doing so. I have run red lights before and have never hit another car or person. The lights usually have at least three seconds before someone else in another direction are moving. Lawyers must love the tuberville family!
  12. Says the one who has somehow not mastered nor come close to mastering the concepts of grammar and correct English language usage in 30-40 some odd years of

    Also, but of course this is your schtick, you fail to dispute my point. One has not had an incident while the other has. Therefore, your argument or point, and really, to even refer to your posts with that language is being generous, is moot.

    I might add, that a few years ago a massive winter storm blanketed the state. Over the weekend, there were around 70-90 wrecks associated with the weather in DFW...a metro area of around or over 4 million people. During that same weekend, there were over 150 wrecks associated with the weather in LBK...a place of only 220,000 people (and that's being generous I think). So again, and I definitely know I'm not the only one that thinks this as I can easily find hundreds of people out here that feel the same way, LBK townies have no earthly idea how to drive. Mrs. Tubbs apparently somehow became infected with that ability.

    Now, after all that, shouldn't you be feeding your face right now while hoping to pick up a lady of the night with your awesome swim shoes later?
  13. :eek:hmy:

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