more drug arrests?

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  1. I'm getting really sick of the Fort (I'm going to get Banned if I do not EDIT this Immediately)ing Worth PD.They're acting like they took down the Cali Cartel around TCU. 2.7 oz of total weed, are you serious? What the FWPD needs to do is arrest the kids on suspicion and flip them, scare the living hell out of them and tell them their lives areover. Any and all of us would turn in any dealer or higher drug dealer so our lives wouldn't be tarnished forever.

    If they do have 10 more arrests they better be dealing pounds and kilos, not ouncesand grams.

    TCU also needs to get the facts straight before throwing our reputation and our school into the mud. The only people that get the attention in this huge drug problem is the President and Vice President, not one other person see's or will see any benefit out of this deal. I don't care what the media thinks of how we handled it. The only people that matte rare the bosses that hopefully hire graduating kids and the parents that weigh the decision to send their baby to a perceived (overblown) drug school or the state school.

    TCU is being super gay!

  2. I wonder how many Semi's full of marijuana and cocaine from the border made it up 35w while they were searching the TCU campus?
  3. So let me just make sure...

    We are entirely against the "drug war" now, right? It's crazy, there used to be so many on this board that said pot ruins lives and leads to people ending up in the FWPD is the real enemy?
  4. as long as they dont stop and drop it off in fw what difference does it make!
  5. sure they are, as long as tcu isnt named in any of it :wacko:
  6. I'm not even drinking (I'm underage, whatever) this weekend because I'm working to lose some weight and get in better shape, and I'm still genuinely scared to go out to a party or somewhere, for fear I might get an MIP or somehow end up screwed over.

    As Chris Rock would say. "That ain't right!"
  7. Maybe people realized how full of [Craig James] that statement is, and now actually care about drugs that will actually do that?

    Or maybe the fact some of our recent presidents have admitted to smoking it, and, well... They were friggin president.
  8. weak and overly dramatic.

    If one of these kids was your son? Facing possible time. Reputation and record tarnished - for you entire family. About $15,000 in legal & processing fees you are about to pay. For, mostly, dime bags? Hell, they took your car you bought for your son.
  9. Turns out the CBS interview is with Lonta Hobbs
  10. Really? Sometimes you say the silliest things. Guns in the closet, under the bed - very scary stuff.

    They had cars, too! I'll bet they exceeded the speed limit in those very cars.

    Hang 'em!
  11. where would you expect them to be, in the windows :wacko:

    psssssss, let me tell you a secret, if your house gets raided and they find drugs, the are going to confiscated any guns as well!

  12. I never said that I'm against the drug war and the cops are the enemy, you said that. I merely stated in order to take down the supplier and drug dealers you go after the low level pushers (my cousin told me small time drug dealers are known has pushers) and flip them. Then you arrest the drug dealers and flip them. Then you go after the guy that makes $20,000 a day, they run the drug operations like a Fortune 500 company. If you take down the suppliers then the drugs "dry up" as pot smokers say thus no drugs on campus.

    Focus, look forward two steps. This thing will not eliminate drugs on campus and off campus. When kids want to get drunk they'll find a way, when kids want to get high they'll find a way.
  13. They werent hunting rifles, they were stolen military grade M40 sniper rifles. They're a necessity if you need to take Cheech's head off for stealing 2.7 ounces of your weed... [​IMG]
  14. I just never heard these kinds of questions raised about kids arrested at Texas, Alabama, Florida, etc etc etc...especially since an overwhelming majority of the kids at other schools were simply users, rather than sellers/dealers.

    There was a thread started TODAY about basketball players at UCLA - using, not selling - and I didn't see a single objection to putting those kids on the cross. Double standard much?

    If it were my kid selling pot, I'd say:

    I hate the drug laws and I don't think they're Constitutional, but every action has a consequence. Deal with it, and maybe don't sell weed.
  15. Heard the guns where Steyr 50 cal

  16. Don't say things like that - Roddog will believe you, then run on and on about it.
  17. I've never considered weed to be part of the "drug war". Cocaine, meth, heroine, crack, etc...sure. But saying weed is part of this supposed drug war is like saying it makes sense to have non-alcoholic beer illegal to people under 21....
  18. In my opinion, this is starting to look like a PR campaign from the FWPD. They made such a big deal about the bust, got called out, and now are trying to make it a point to "prove" the actions were necessary.
  19. I never knew that about Lonta Hobbs. What he said about 2006 team confirms what Coach Patterson said in an interview about giving a team wide drug test in 2006.

    I honestly don't remember who was released from that team. I probably just assumed they graduated or were injured.

  20. I agree but TCU and FWPD is trying to stop the drug war. This media blitz about drugs at TCU is going to accomplish nothing for the drug war and makes everyone look bad no matter how you spin this. Seriously, how many positives have come out of this. Remove the kids from the school, don't make this into a Bernie Madoff sized scandal


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