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    As I have mentioned before, I have no big time sources but I have a good friend who does know important people inside the Texas athletics department.

    He emailed me some info that is encouraging but different from what we are hearing from other folks around here.

    First off, Texas & OU REALLY don't want to go beyond 12 teams. He emphasized this is a HUGE deal to both of those schools. I sent him an email asking why (how the revenue is split, perhaps?) but he has yet to reply. 

    Folks at Texas feel very confident that FSU and Clemson are coming to the Big12. In fact, it is expected to be a fait accompli by the end of June.  They will play football in the Big12 in 2013. 

    How the conference will be structured and having protected rivalry games between divisions is a huge part of all of this. One Division is gong to be Texas, Tech, Baylor, TCU, OU and  OSU. The other Will be ISU, KSU, Kansas, WVU, Clemson and FSU. He mentioned 3 protected rivalry games across the divisions: Texas & FSU, Clemson & OU and WVU & TCU. These games will happen every year. I am assuming the other teams will have annual rivalry games across division but they were not mentioned."
  2. Accepting the rumors as true, that's an interesting blueprint. 12 is a logical next step and wouldn't disrupt realignment. SEC would have 14, but the 4 other power conferences would be at 12. Good luck naming the divisions (hello cheesy big ten-esque names), but that's a good 6/6 balance I think.

    Just for grins, it would be interesting to see some comparisons of on field success of Colorado, Mizzou, A&M, and Nebraska v. TCU, WVU, FSU, and Clemson. No doubt that's an upgrade in quality football, TVs, and $. But the geography sucks for the non-TX/OK division.
  3. Where there's smoke, there's fire. For now I think Clemson and Florida State would be excellent additions and 12 is the perfect number for the time being. 14 is awful. Georgia Tech would be a nice add, but Miami is a plummeting program with looming sanctions. Plus their fan base is pretty apathetic and I hate their stadium and the dirt. No thanks.
  4. Rivalry game with someone who is not a rival? Makes no sense so I am calling BS
  5. Anybody else get the feeling that college football is just going to be a free agent system moving forward? Teams constantly moving just to get a better deal. I really can't foresee anything that will stop the movement at this point.
  6. The dirt isn't a problem anymore. The Marlins have a shiny new stadium.
  7. Beef Bar-B-Que Division and the Pork Bar-B-Que Division.

    You're welcome.
  8. Not buying that rumor at all - what's the incentive of leaving the ACC for the Big 12? And with a $20M buyout at that.
  9. Asks the Aggie.......
  10. Welcome to the B12 Clemson!

    Miami needs an on campus stadium. Their facilities are killing that program. Still, they're one heck of a TV draw & name brand.
  11. I could see NC State leaving to get out of the shadow of North Carolina and Duke (in basketball). Just would have to be willing to say good-bye to old rivalries.

    If Big 12 has a TV contract that is ready to give SEC type money then I see teams moving. ACC TV rights are not as good as you think. FSU and Clemson would put Big 12 at a new level equal to the SEC. It would be good for college football to have a conference that can compete with the SEC. This might be a dream but who ever thought A&M would leave UT? Big money has no loyalty to tradition or rivalries or having to lock itself to location boundries.

    Big 12 go get the dream!
  12. How are these "rivalry games"? Those teams have rarely ever played one another.
  13. Why is everyone ignoring the 800-pound gorilla in the room in regards to FSU and Clemson?
  14. Yeah that's what I said. This is all total BS. FSU and Clemson are top dog where they are now. No use going benedict like A&M to get chopped down every year.
  15. Okay, I'll bite...

    What is the 800-pound gorilla in the room in regards to FSU and Clemson?
  16. So we get to play in the fertile recruiting ground of WVU? And UT and OU get south Carolina and Florida???

  17. NC State is likely to join the SEC in the next couple of years
    NC State is more likely to go to the SEC. As for TV contracts - the Big 12's is mediocre at best (just wait, you'll see).

    It makes absolutely no sense for FSU and Clemson to leave the ACC for the Big 12. TCU and WVU were the best the Big 12 could do - Louisville is more of what the Big 12 will be able to get.
  18. New contract is 20 million with laced incentives to add 2.08 million per new team for tier 1 and 2 only. Add those 2 to get to 24 million for both without giving up tier 3......yeah thats not a crappy contract. Especially compared to the new ACC contract in 2014 of 14 million per team that runs through 2024.
  19. So says the idiot that put Aggie in his KF.c name

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