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  1. One advantage the students did have over the rest of us was parking. They could walk to the game. The rest of us were parking in the Westcliff Shopping Center since the grassy area was closed. That's probably why we were a little slower getting to our seats after the 5 mile hike.
  2. why was the grass closed??
  3. Rain from earlier = cars would turn the field into a mud hole.
  4. Chief McGee heard there was some "grass" in the area near the stadium and had it seized before the game.
  5. +1
  6. Pretty tacky on the drug talk. And get a real job and then come talk to us. I am sure all of us made 90% of the games/contests/matches while at TCU as a student. Whoopty Doo. What else do you have to do? Practice your quidditch?
  7. What are you talking about? Lupton was packed to the rafters in all sections last night. The students got there early and left early. OTOH, most of the alumni stayed till the end.
  8. Look at the student section,
    Now look at the rest of the stadium,
    Now back to the student section
    And back to the rest of the stadium...
  9. Just a reminder......

    For students, this is YOUR WATCH. You are at ground zero at the hub of things while you are there. You directly impact the momentum and spirit of all things Frogs. Own it on your watch, during your time. We Alumns wish we could go back and will continue to do what we can, but physical attendance to all events is not our main strength at this point. Students need to cover for us, not call us out.

    That is all....
  10. Where were all the students at the end of the game. All us alumni were there but the students seemed to seep of out the stands. What's the matter can't stay up past 9:30 on Friday night?

    I'll wager over the season, the student section won't be a full every game. Especially Sunday games when they might have to wake up before noon to get to the game.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Can't stay away from Friday night party time from a couple of convos I overhead. :biggrin:

    PB is right, the tables had turned by a very exciting ninth inning. Maniac, if you've played Civ4 at any point in your life you've heard the Kurdish proverb: "Do not throw the arrow which will return against you." It's good advice. :tongue:
  13. Thats why the students showed up. Not for the game but to make drug deals. Good cover.
  14. Thats why the students showed up. Not for the game but to make drug deals. Good cover.
  15. The season ticket holders finally showed up, but It was really empty at opening pitch. students get ragged on all the time, and I was just really proud of them. The pregame atmosphere was really fun and the students showed up in force.

    Yeah. Students started leaving early, but who can blame them. The game was boring. We were losing. And most of of us showed up without jackets, so people were getting really cold. Not every student is willing to sit through an entire baseball game on a Friday night if it's cold and we're losing.

    The alumni poured out early as well. They didn't leave as quickly, but they also showed up later, so I'd say it was pretty proportional.

    But overall. Lupton filled up last night and was pretty fun. Too bad the team didn't pull through
  16. Here's an idea buy a jacket or a TCU hooded warmup top. Better yet get a send home (if they still have those) go to the bookstore and buy a jacket or a TCU hooded warmup top.
  17. As is true for every TCU sport with fan attendance, there are two general fan categories (including both students and alums). Those that are primarily there to be entertained (and leave if the entertainment falls short) and those that are there to support the team (and stay for the alma mater).

    That's just the way it is.
  18. You should have been at your brother's soccer game - I was.
  19. Agreed. Early candidate for wittiest post of the year
  20. Check out student attendance at men's basketball games. Students suck! Check out student attendance at men's basketball games during the holiday break when some actually have to drive to get to the game. The students suck out loud. They are pathetic!

    Don't want to hear it from some kid who only has to walk across the street to attend a game.

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