Look at the student section..

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  1. Y'all suck
  2. Seriously. Y'all are pathetic.
  3. OK, I'll bite... What?
  4. How about now?
  5. A little better. Student section was overflowing before first pitch. Alumni seating was empty
  6. You know how they are
  7. Students don't work til 5:00 and then have to fight traffic on 35 and 30 like alums do. I wish I could be there but down in Temple for birthdays. Hoping to maybe make it Sunday.
  8. It filled up because students started going over there. Student attendance > Alumni.
  9. Yeah well y'all don't have drug deals to finalize and weed to water. We still made it.
  10. Students, alums, whatever, the attendance tonight is great and most everyone is into the game. Just what TCU needed.
  11. Student section looks pretty good, but there's somebody over there that cowers and squeals in terror like an eight-year-old girl every time someone hits a foul ball.
  12. Alumni usually dominate the weekends. Either way it's nice to see students actually show up for once unlike football games.
  13. Don't worry about the attendance; you just need to watch the ball and duck if one heads your way
  14. Basketball games really pathetic.
  15. Doing reports for work. Would love to be out there. Cheer extra loud for our sorry arses.
  16. Ok, THAT was funny.
  17. +1 possibly Maniacs best post ever.
  18. Give the phone back to maniac...
  19. About 10 of the students sitting in my section kept getting up once an inning to go do something. I can only assume they were done processing the 3 quarts of beer they had in the parking lot.

    It's good now though. They all went to their parties...or whatever.
  20. Hey - I was there with Ms. Op, for the first pitch, and the two local grandwhinerskids. They were good for about four innings, then hid out in the "tablet" and DS world.

    We love 'em, but the training goes on...ain't that a kick in the butt? :laugh:

    I will prevail! :unsure:

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