Liberty Bowl Game Day Thread

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  1. Riding down the elevator, a woman sees my TCU shirt on and said TCU should win since she saw Georgia players partying on Beale Street last night. Hope our guys werent.
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  2. Based on my conversations with multiple ex-players... unless it's an extremely important bowl game, and even then sometimes, the kids are all out partying almost all week.
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  3. Pac 12 officiating crew FWIW
  4. I cringe at the stories from the fiesta bowl. What was the hotel, the morning of the game, described as? Like La Guardia Airport with all of the cabs pulling up around 4am?
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  5. Our guys may have not been out last night but definitely were all week. It was documented on social media
  6. what time does Specs open?
    or for that matter, the Oui Lounge
  7. I have a peach bowl feeling for this game but my gut tells me it maybe more like the buffalo wild wings/fiesta bowl kind of game.
    Offense, please prove us all wrong.
    Mickey Mantle and Pappy Boyington had many a great performance after a night of heavy scotch.  No excuses- let's gooooo!
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    A couple of them went live on instagram partying in their hotel rooms.
    As long as it doesn't affect their play on the field and no cops are punched... I am good with that.
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  10. Not to mention Ron Artest would drink Hennessy at half time!
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  11. The moment of truth....time to make a statement and salvage a season.  Success or regress?
  12. Those who do not learn from history are DOOMED to repeat it:
    If the Frogs partied all week = Dawgs win BIG!!!
    If the Frogs were disciplined in their preparations for the game = Frogs win BIG!!!!!!!!
    Go Frogs!
  13. But what if they BOTH partied all week and neither team is focused or cares about winning the Liberty Bowl? Then what happens?
    Then the game will turn into the "What the Heck You-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me Bowl"
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Well let's hope the leaders on this team step it up and the team comes together going into the off-season.
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  17. At the Liberty Bowl. I have video board envy. This facility is 10,000 better than the Alamo Bowl
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  18. Howard and Wilson starting at LB, Turpin, Hicks, Slanina all starting, and Hill is the QB.

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