Legit complaint: bird droppings

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  1. Our seats were plastered with bird crap. They were spotless for the Grambling game. All seats under the light poles were in the line of fire. It was nasty. It would have been nice if they power washed the seats a few days before but a smarter idea would be to do something to deter birds from congregating up there in the first place.
  2. There's a great playground at Alice Carlson. Maybe they could be convinced to move over there.

  3. Sounds like a situation that Ross Bailey was unaware of because he would have seen to it that the seats were cleaned. Drop him a note about it
  4. They're doing better than that. They're training the birds not to crap at all.
  5. Many of the other "legit complaints" (seat cushions; water bottles; parking; seat selection process, etc) have gotten responses like "we're in the b12 now, get used to it" or "quit your whining , this ain't the WAC, would you rather still be in the MWC?". I won't be that snide ....but ....bird droppings ? Seriously? Bring a hankerchief.
  6. Thanks for the sensible response. I'll drop him a note. Imagine parking your car under a tree full of birds for a week. A simple hanky wouldn't have sufficed.
  7. Yum....chewy drinks.

    And this is TCU's fault...how? Outdoor activities always have that problem. Same when I drive my SL55 AMG with the top down...birds are a problem.
  8. #subtlebrag
  9. AMG = American Motors? a Rambler?
  10. wasn't subtle at all
  11. Fixed... Lol
  12. Anytime
  13. That is a great idea!! Now if we could just train some people to not crap all over the FFF so often.....................
  14. CJ/ChrisChris, fly-bys will happen. I understand that. This was no random fly-by. The top few rows were covered in it. Not only is it unsightly but it could be a health hazard.
  15. Come on. I don't think the OP was faulting TCU that it happened. But they need to remedy the situation by cleaning the seats. You really expect someone to sit in it?
  16. Okay, passing out finches to all of the guests was a bad idea. You got me there. In fact, I may have inadvertently poisoned all of the frog fans.
  17. They should issue BB guns to everyone on the way in.
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