Julian Castro to kick off his 2020 "Vice-Presidential" campaign in New Hampshire on Friday.

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    Julian Castro's 2020 campaign will kick off in New Hampshire next Friday with a speech to the New Hampshire Young Democrats. It's being hyped by the media as the start of an anticipated Presidential campaign in 2020 but i'd like to offer up an alternative motive.

    As I can't believe that Castro actually believes he could win a Democratic primary against Biden, Sanders, Warren, et al. I think he's actually setting himself up for a Vice-Presidential campaign based on the meme that he's the young, fresh face of the Democratic Party (he's only 42), replete with "young, fresh ideas".

    If Joe Biden, as anticipated if he runs, promises to only serve a 4 year term, while prepping a young VP successor, Castro may be trying to set himself up to land that role by making more of a name for himself by running for President than he would by sitting at home for four years. Imagine all that seasoning he'd get by being on stage in all those primary debates, not to mention all that air time to hone his political skills and get his face out there. And how about if he actually won a primary or two!

    By playing up the notion that he's the young fresh face of the party (why do you think he's speaking to the New Hampshire Young Democrats), he would probably jump to the head of the line of potential VP candidates as all the other potential VP candidates are older (Cory Booker is 61! and Kamala Harris, the other top VP candidate' will be 60 in 2024!)

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  2. Apparently, this guy agrees with me . . . .

    Julian Castro's road to the White House begins in Arizona

    From the article . . . .

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