Jim Swink Introduced at Cotton Bowl Halftime

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  1. Was in a wheelchair, but he was there. They must have said a hundred times that TCU won first Cotton Bowl. Old #87 could not take it anymore in 4th quarter and ripped his LSU jacket off to reveal his proudly worn TCU Rose Bowl shirt. LSU fans loved it!
  2. Old #87 is...?
  3. Dr. Jim Swink fixed my foot 32 years ago. I was in awe of him when I was 14 years old.
  4. #87, I believe is his son, a former player.
  5. Mammas, tell your sons to imitate Jesus, Robert E. Lee, and Jim Swink.

    When you are 11 years old, you need a hero. Number 23 was mine...Seven yard career rush average and the Bronze Star for valor as a MASH surgeon in 'Nam.

    First college game I saw , Dad put me in the (now departed) upper deck of AGCS to see my hero live.

    The hook-em hand sign was a vain invention to help UT "hex" TCU, and espescially, Jim Swink. It worked so well TCU scored over 40 points on'em, Jim had over 200 yards rushing, and only needed 9-10 carries to do it. Today you'd call it a "Collosal Fail!

    So Young Frog Fan, every time they flash that at you, remember the unintended honor they do to one of our very own all-time legends of the game.
  6. Wow I was not aware of this guy beyond his name.. Sounds like someone who epitomizes the values of TCU. Does anyone have video clips of him from the Cotton Bowl last night? I watched the game but must have missed it..
  7. Sorry to hear he has to use a wheelchair now. I remember long ago when he treated me that he was very arthritic even then. He must have been only around mid- to -late 40's at the time.
  8. Dr. Swink did a total knee on me in 1972. He was the best surgeon I had ever encountered until my cancer operation in 2006. The doctor in 2006 is a not a Frog, but after my surgery and recovery, he was wearing a TCU cap when I left the hospital. Sorry to hear of Dr. Swink in a wheelchair. I to watched the Cotton Bowl and I did not see his introduction. Sorry I missed it.
  9. haha .. way to go "old" No. 87. :biggrin:
  10. College football is supposed to be played by student-athletes. Guess who is #1 in that category--Dr. Jim Swink. Don't think there is another who was 2-time A-A on the field, and 2-time academic A-A.

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