Ja'Juan Storey - Wide Receiver Transfer from Florida

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  1. According to Tampa News, leaving Florida and has been in contact with TCU.
  2. Yes please.....
  3. Looks like he could be a beast at linebacker.
  4. Is there some kind of family issue that would allow him to play this year?

    Seems like we setting the deck for 2013.
  5. was there ever any official news on the LSU Jenkins guy? I saw someone say here that he had transferred but never saw any news report.
  6. I thought I read a post practice GP rant about how right now he'd play the scout teams with Jenkins & Aaron Green over our 1st team right now if he could.
  7. David Jenkins is listed on the official TCU roster and is wearing #26.

    Story is a big-time athlete and would be a great compliment to Brown and some of the other young receivers.

    It would be nice if a couple of offensive tackles would like to transfer while we are collecting talent for 2013.
  8. Why is he leaving?
  9. He should be a (RS)Sophmore next year right?
  10. This is not the Storey I know.

    Jokes aside, yeah buddy
  11. How many friggin' wideouts do we need? Geez--we've got WR's coming out our ears.
  12. He said UF wasn't the right fit for him. Coaches say he is leaving in good personal and academic standing.

    He looks like an upgraded version of Antoine Hicks to me.
  13. I have found any indication he is coming to TCU. Also, he was recruited as an athlete, so he could easily compete in our secondary. Enjoy reading any articles about him coming to TCU!!
  14. Could we please get some LB's to transfer? :biggrin:
  15. Story would be a great get. Having a playmaker like him would be something awesome.
  16. Playing time.
  17. There aren't any articles that he is coming to TCU. The source is Greg Autman's twitter feed. He's a writer for the Tampa Bay Times.

    Greg Auman ‏@gregauman

    Nature Coast WR Ja'Juan Story, transferring from Florida, had initial contact today with USF, Wisconsin, TCU and Duke, his uncle said.
  18. Although I can't read it, there's a story posted on PM that indicates that Story will be coming to TCU and Fort Worth!
  19. He was recruited by Weis and Hill, both of whom have left Florida.
  20. FWIW, he visited campus yesterday.

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