If it's "only" tendinitis in arm

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  1. Can pain be relieved with an injection
    that allows full use? Rest, other
    arm, shoulder treatment options? :huh:
  2. i've had many many tendinitis related injuries. It's simply from over use and doing too much of one thing too quickly. This is just one more thing that points to an off season that wasn't handled very well by purke. He took too much time off and didn't allow himself enough time to bring back strength in his shoulder and build up stamina.

    Tendinitis is probably the best case scenario diagnosis. Purke just needs to rest and get going on a strenuous rehab program to build strength in his shoulder. He should be back by post season

    -Dr. 'Maniac
  3. Happy ending is what we
    all want in this story. :blush:
  4. Happy endings is how tcumanic got so many tendonitis related injures. Overuse and doing too much of one thing too quickly. Said so himself.
  5. Wrist injuries?
  6. his injury from throwing thousands of 95mph fastballs is much different than your tendinitis stemming from over masturbation.
  7. really?? 3 grown men have to pull out masturbation jokes?

    I played competitive tennis in high school. I've had my share of shoulder injuries [Craig James] hole

  8. hehehehhe, he said 'pull out'.....hehehehehehehehe
  9. Says the guy who enjoys penis cookies.
  10. good one bro. real witty
  11. Almost as funny as you playing competitive tennis.
  12. I have to admit, that is pretty funny. Almost as funny as the fact that you spend your life researching and learning the names of high school boys.
  13. In Tennis they would call that an Ace! Slam!

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