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  1. Just ate a double double from In & Out Burger on 7th street. Nothing special. It is my second time to try their food but I wanted to give it a second chance before passing final judgement. I will go with whataburger as a better overall burger but I will say that in & out is a pretty good value money wise.

    Their fries are definitely the best part. They seem lightly fried and very crispy. Just how I like my fries. It was pretty crowded over there; I think they opened today.
  2. It is a good value for the money. Good shakes. The fries are the best. Freshly cut in store makes a difference. Get a dbl-dbl animal style. I like In and Out for a change of pace from Whataburger. Burger King went downhill when they starting reheating their burgers in the micro. For a sitdown burger, Smashburger is really good. Put it with Pappas Burger.
  3. I like both depending on my mood. There are the best true fast food burgers, and having both to choose from is great.
  4. I won't even bother. Since Dave passed on and Wendy's went downhill, there's not even any question who serves up the best burger.

    Whataburger all the way. And they're open all night!
  5. Had one here in Dallas the other day. Not bad, but nothing special. Likely won't be going back, as I have Whataburger and (even better) Burger House much closer to me.

    Agree that the fries were the best part.
  6. At the Fiesta Bowl, I tried my first I&O fare (double cheese burger and sip of wife's vanilla shake) and was most impressed. At the Rose Bowl, south of LA however, they were more ordinary.

    I can now understand why people differ so much in their opinions on I&O vs. Whopper or BK or whatever.

    Right now, the flame broiled, all Angus "Six Dollar Burger" @ Carl's Jr. for $3.99 for a 1/3 lb cheese burger simply can not be beat by anything I've ever had at any hamburger establishment.

    But, if you enjoy a different opinion, I won't be very quick to nay say you, because these things may vary from place to place. Do they even have any Carl's Jr.s out your way? It's part of the Church's Chicken organization, and I ate 'em a lot when in Law school in San Antone as wife was one of two corporate counsel her first job after passing the Texas BAR and we got Church's stuff for 50% off. Well, happy eating to all FFF-ers out there.
  7. I miss the Burger House on Hillcrest. And Ball's, around the corner. Good stuff.
  8. You people are crazy. In-n-Out is the best thing to happen to DFW in years. Double-double, fries, and a shake takes me back to my southern california childhood.
  9. Carl's is pretty good. Whataburger is better IMO. There are a few Carl's Jr out here on the D side of DFW. One on 20 just east of 35E and I think there's one in mesquite.
  10. I'm just a few miles from the one on Mockingbird. Though the Snider Plaza location is still the best.
  11. By California standards, no doubt it's an awesome burger. :tongue:
  12. For a fast-food burger, Burger Street makes a competition worthy hamburger. I'm not saying that if Jesus came back He would annoint it, but He would wish He had one instead of two fish and five barley loaves.
  13. Braum's isn't bad, either. And if you're in New Mexico, Blake's Lotaburger is pretty similar.
  14. There are plenty of Carl's Jr.'s here and all the way to the East. They are called Hardee's. Same restaurant, same menu, different name.
  15. Isn't Ball's still there? And one of my personal favorites is Gazeebo, at Preston and Royal.
  16. I'm sure it is. The reason I miss it is because I'm no longer there, and with lots of good options near me, I'm unwilling to drive 30 miles for a burger. Since Kitchen 1924 closed, Fadi's on Knox is now the only place I can think of that still draws me to Dallas to eat, though generally I just stop by when I'm over visiting friends.

    Don't know Gazeebo. Is it newer than 2006?
  17. I'm with you on this one. Tried it yesterday... best fries I've ever had and great service, too.
  18. Nope. My family ate there almost every Sunday after church when I was growing up. It's been around since 1990.
  19. Shack in 3, 2, 1 ...
  20. The Lineman Burger at Dutch's is pretty awesome

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