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  1. I am beginning to believe that the current generation must be the spawn of Buford T Justice.

    Crazy makin stuff

    A North Carolina elementary school forced a preschool student to eat cafeteria chicken nuggets for lunch on Jan. 30 after officials reportedly determined that her homemade meal wasn’t up to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s standards for healthfulness, according to a report from the Carolina Journal.

    The newspaper reported that the four-year-old girl brought a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice in her packed lunch from home. That meal didn’t meet with approval from the government agent who was on site inspecting kids’ lunches that day.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/02/14/nanny-state-report-nc-school-officials-confiscate-preschoolers-homemade-lunch/#ixzz1mdhZY2nn
  2. Totally nuts!
  3. Chicken nuggets presented by numb nuggets.
  4. Meanwhile, our schools are failing...
  5. Well, yeah, but what is more important to this country? Paying the salary of a school lunch czar in every school or paying a soldier? Well, never mind. I think we know the position of the current administration.
  6. Sounds fairly similiar to the lunch Abby takes to school. The always popular PBJ, banana, string cheese stick, and milk. Sometimes a little bag of Cheez-its.

    I'd be interested in hearing how deep fried breaded chicken is more nutritional.......
  7. http://www.fox2now.com/news/ktvi-preschoolers-meal-was-not-replaced-mom-was-never-charged-fee-20120216,0,5771122.story

    Bruce Alexander, director of communications and governmental affairs with the USDA, said Wednesday the person inspecting lunches was a “North Carolina Education staff member conducting a review of the child care center.”

    The review, which took place on Jan. 30, was part of the state’s ‘Star Rated’ licensing program, Alexander said. The program is designed to provide parents with a rating of child care centers across the state, including the nutritional content of the meals consumed by children.

    “A teacher apparently was nervous during this state review and mishandled the situation,” Alexander said.

    Alexander also said the mother was never charged for the meal.

    “The school thought it had been resolved, apologized to the parent and never charged the parent for a school meal,” he said.

  8. That does it. I'm calling the Child Pretective Services on you! :wink:
  9. Good Lord Duq...you've been reduced to citing FOX [ :eek:hmy: ] to show things aren't as bad as originally stated?

  10. Meh.....they already have a file on me. I'll give you their number. :biggrin:
  11. How many starsies did the center get?
  12. The schools aren't failing, the dumbbutt kids parent's send to these schools are failing. Don't believe all the nonsense the charter school/"Reformers" are spewing. It is a con job through and through.
  13. Really....??? Take a watch........

  14. Oh Geez. Before I go off on a tirade, please note that I am not a public school educator. These charter schools and reformers will go on and on about how I want to dog charter schools because I am a public school guy. No. I come from the same stock as some of those who start charter schools.

    The Charter Schools are based on an ideological prejudice against public schools. If you are against Charter schools then you are against good education in this country. The charter schools are the biggest con job and the biggest mistake this country has bought into. They do not educate the broad spectrum of kids, nor are they able to take a kid who can't read and make them read. There are a lot of problems with children in this country and the charter schools are not built to handle them. They get all their numbers by stealing the kids who are already doing well in the public schools and using those numbers to shore up the belief that what they do is "changing" education. All they are doing is segregating students by academic abilities.

    You want to talk about administrators with high salaries, look at charter schools. The cost per student is outrageous, and administrators are getting paid far more than those in public schools, especially when you look at per student cost.

    Charter schools have no accountability. Unlike public schools, these administrators have ZERO accountability. They have lobbyists, lobbying to give them more power and money. When these people put themselves into power, they will find a way to stay there. You think the unions are tough to weed out. A bad teacher tough to fire? Try closing a crap charter school. The thing with public schools is that school boards can change. The voter in a community has direct control over the direction of those schools. With a charter school, the community loses control. They have no say.

    There are problems with education in this country, and yes, there are extreme examples of crap in the current system, but the US is doing pretty darn good when you think about it. No one ever highlights how when we put our best against the world's best, we are at or near the top. No one ever points out that in all these rankings where we rank middle of the pack against the world, how our total includes EVERY single student. India, China, and other "top" countries weed out kids and leave countless out of their tests. As far as educating every citizen (even all those illegals) we are doing pretty good.

    Before you buy into the nonsense, remember who is trying to convince you and why? The charter schools and those organizations want that $$, and they are lobbying and buying advertising to get it.
  15. I posted this in the thread about the Washington DC Charter program
    • There is no conclusive evidence that the OSP affected student achievement. On average, after at least four years students who were offered (or used) scholarships had reading and math test scores that were statistically similar to those who were not offered scholarships (figure ES-2). The same pattern of results holds for students who applied from schools in need of improvement (SINI), the group Congress designated as the highest priority for the Program. Although some other subgroups of students appeared to have higher levels of reading achievement if they were offered or used a scholarship, those findings could be due to chance. They should be interpreted with caution since the results were no longer significant after applying a statistical test to account for multiple comparisons of treatment and control group members across the subgroups.
    • The Program significantly improved students’ chances of graduating from high school. Although students may not have raised their test scores in reading and math as a result of the OSP, they graduated at higher rates. The offer of an OSP scholarship raised students’ probability of completing high school by 12 percentage points overall (figure ES-3). The graduation rate based on parent-provided information was 82 percent for the treatment group compared to 70 percent for the control group. The offer of a scholarship improved the graduation prospects by 13 percentage points for the high priority group of students from schools designated SINI in 2003-05 (79 percent graduation rate for the treatment group versus 66 percent for the control group).
    • The OSP raised parents’, but not students’, ratings of school safety and satisfaction (figures ES-4 and ES-5). Parents were more satisfied and felt school was safer if their child was offered or used an OSP scholarship. The Program had no effect on students’ reports on school conditions.

    So they're graduating, but not really improving their academic abilities. Reminded me of the story about Harvard inflating grades
    A Harvard University report last spring complained of grade inflation that makes it easier to get high grades. Now the academic dean, Susan Pedersen, has released data showing that 49 percent of undergraduate grades were A’s in 2001, up considerably from 23 percent in 1986.
  16. Well, the public schools are based on brainwashing kids to worship Obama, turn gay, and turn away from God!
  17. Well...you finally got one right.
    Been a long time.......

  18. Back to the original point of this post, the govt regulating what kids bring from home is total BS.
  19. My principal went on a rant against the new UT-Tyler Innovation Academy that is going to open here next academic year. I don't necessarily dislike the idea of a university run charter school. I do dislike entities like the Honors Academy of Dallas Landmark School that also operates on a charter here.
  20. One of the big arguments against public schools is lack of accountability, however, these charter schools are hard to hold accountable, and they are also easy to start.

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