Hey PCF.....Is this man a racist too?

Discussion in 'The Whine Cellar Forum' started by The Dude, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. So PCF, Im curious... whats your opinion. Would you say Mr Cain is a racist, or more just the run of the mill uncle Tom? :rolleyes:
  2. Insensitive lout making a buck off the right wing fools.
  3. So then you are saying he is NOT a racist then I take it. Hmmmmmmmm....thats odd. If he were white you would say he is a racist, but BECAUSE he is black you are saying he is simply insensitive but NOT A RACIST. You know what PCF.....IMO a great many people are waking up to that fact that there is most probably only one TRUE RACIST on this board. I'll give you three guesses who THAT COULD BE! :laugh:
  4. You think he's a racist, but if I don't agree with you then I'm a racist?

    I'm a man of principle. I won't call him a racist. If you think he's a racist, that's your opinion.
  5. No I do not. But then again,...you already know that. I do however strongly suspect you are though.
  6. In fact....I suspect you are horrifically racist. Hey man, its your life.....do with it what you will. In the end its you and only you thats gonna have to pay up the tab.
  7. Why should I think he's a racist?

    What race do I favor? What race do I dismiss as inferior? Do you know what a racist is?
  8. Truthfully PCF...........I relate you to NONSENSE. Thats what I see when I read your posts,...a bunch of silly nonsense. Furthermore I am not alone by a long shot. In fact Im pretty certain it would surprise you to know just how many people see the same thing. Your time is about...................UP. :wink:
  9. I dont think you favor ANYONE but yourself quite frankly. I think you are about YOU and really could care less about the struggles of others. I think you are a fraud. BIGTIME.
  10. Lemme guess.....this is when you go CRY to the management....:laugh: Like I said earlier, ...you............ARE NONSENSE. An absurd little boy pretending to be some defender of the downtrodden when in all reality you are a self serving opportunist.
  11. The clinical term is denial. The US got herself in a game where everyone takes a haircut and is going to have to make wages more like India and China. The right wing elitists get a bunch of envious old blowhards to attack the few working people making a good wage with decent benefits.

    Pretty soon the middle class we've known will be dead and buried and people will be scrounging for sustenance and cursing the fortune we wasted on national ego trips that the Chinese can sink for a pittance in weaponry. We'll probably go out like sore losers, using our last bit of fuel to bomb somebody somewhere in a fit of rage.

    Of course, you can take a lot of pride in your part of fomenting hate against teachers. Bravo. Well done.
  12. I dont hate teachers at all. In fact I respect many of them. Not all , but many. See what I mean.......you ARE nonsense. Lemme tell ya something PCF,....Guys like you,....you know, the know it all SELF righteous know it alls who THINK that everyone else is the problem EXCEPT THEM,....Guys like that....they wilt like FLOWER when actually confronted by guys like me. In fact....I KNOW for a fact you would sheeeet your little drawers. It was men, and I use that term lightly, LIKE YOU who RAN AWAY and fled to Canada when times got tuff, Someone LIKE YOU..........will never be able to tell someone like me....ANYTHING.
  13. Better than serving the devil.

    I am a capitalist. I am not a bully trying to rip working people because they negotiated a decent deal that I am envious of.

    You know the type. The guy that goes to protests hoping to put a boot on the throat of a "liberal."
  14. Its also the reason men like you on the left have ALWAYS lost in the long run, and always will. Only a REAL belief will give someone the fortitude to stand up and go the extra mile to achieve final victory. To do that you have to REALLY believe in something, a cause. Men like you do not have that within you,..........never have. You too will learn this very hard lesson. Somehow....I think you already HAVE. You know the outcome, where it all ends for your agenda, in failure :wink:
  15. Then why prey tell is almost ALL the hate and violence coming from the left lately? Almost all of it. Plenty of video evidence out there to back it up too. Yeah....I KNOW the type very well. A bunch of COWARDS.

    Im done with you for now. To be honest...little boys like you turn my stomach. Your so WEAK it reeks all the way thru the great expanse of the internet...LOL I mean...you STINK of it. And guys like me,....we can smell it every time. Like blood in the water baby! :wink: You have a nice night now.
  16. Hey whisky, I just ran into the kettle at the grocery store and he asked me to tell you you're black. Said you'd know what he meant.
  17. This is classic. Lose at one game, so you want to switch to another.

    Bullies always do that. Sometimes they want a rematch in their own backyard.
  18. Oh, for the love of God, WD. You're back to this crap? Haven't you been warned enough already to stop the personal attacks? In case you didn't know, PCF didn't report you to Scott and Wes. I did! But, by all means keep up your vitriol so they can see what you're really like when I report you again.
    Don't bother apologizing again for offending me. You no longer have any credibility.

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