Here are some emails and notes Newfie sends to his students

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  1. Im anti death penalty myself. But probably not for the same reasons you are. I believe the worst of the worst crimes should be punished severely. Life in supermax prison is a much harsher punishment than the death penalty IMO. Endless suffering for decades vrs a quick shot and death. :wink:

    The other stuff your just confused on a little is all. As you grow up and become more responsible you too will see the error of your ways........:tongue:

    Glad to hear that you dont support the murder of babies though, thats a good start.
  2. No, I'm waiting for you to admit if first, lol.

  3. No, that's the EZ definition. Let's not go there.
  4. I have no trouble calling many of my political views "liberal" and I've never claimed to you that I'm a conservative. Whiskey just decided that I'm one, though, so talk to him.
  5. I guess that means McCain and Romney ARE conservatives, after all.

    Glad we settled that.
  6. The liberals call me conservative, and the conservatives call me liberal.

    Works for me.......
  7. The modern human is the result of homo sapiens mating with Neanderthals and Denisovans. I always thought of liberals as homo sapiens, conservatives as neaderthals, and Denisovans as moderates.
  8. I mated with Denise once. Don't know if she was a Denisovan, though.
  9. My best definition of liberals,........and if you think about it.......VERY TRUE. :wink:

    Liberal men= Men without penises

    Liberal women= women WITH penises

    Pretty accurate,........and pretty funny. Is it any wonder most of the world makes fun of liberals? :biggrin:
  10. How helpful.
  11. To prove my theory,.......let us simply take a look at MSNBC shall we.........

    Liberal woman..Or what poses as one


    Liberal male....or what poses as one


  12. 2 N's in Dennis....thanks.....
  13. No problem. Thats me though.......thoughtful, helpful, caring, and many other wonderful things......:tongue:
  14. You leave Rachel alone. She's a good Newfoundlander. Well at least her mother is. She returns here from time to time.
  15. And of course MSNBC has the super manly Al sharpton.


    Pretty sure he was depenised decades ago already. On the Morten Downey Jr show I believe.
  16. Sorry to hear that Newf. Just goes to show........sometimes you can be the best parent in the world, and still end up with a bad seed........................... :biggrin:
  17. Was she Irish?

    Speaking of Irish, I once took some correlation results into Dr. Sells to show him. He looked up from the paper and said "You have Irish correlations...." I assumed that must be some technical statistical term I wasn't familiar with so I tried to act like I knew what he as talking about when he continued "...0'5, 0'3, 0'7..."
  18. No.........but she is now! :biggrin:
  19. ........" NO PENIS FOR YOU!"......

  20. Yea I do. I posted a humorous article about what college profs have to put up with and referenced newf using a term I had no idea would offend him and admitted so. And in typical lib fashion , you all responded In self-righteous indignation, missing the entire point. Instead of laughing about what you know profs wish they could say, you go off on some tangent about an unintended slight. It's called politically correct knee jerking and it is childish.

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